Mr. Athar Aamir Khan at TEDxIPERBhopal

Mr. Athar Aamir Khan at TEDxIPERBhopal

Mr. Athar Aamir Khan is a 26-year old born in Kashmir. He secured 2nd rank in Civil Service Examination in 2015. From a modest village in South Kashmir’s Anantnag district, he has the distinction of cracking all professional exams he took. IAS Officer, Mr. Athar Aamir Khan was one of the speakers at TEDxIPERBhopal – Aspirations Meet Inspirations.

Education is the Key

TEDx at IPER Bhopal - TEDxIPERBhopal

From a Farmer’s Family to be an Indian Administrative Officer – A Young Officer talks about his journey which is shaped by Education only. Mr. Athar Aamir Khan shares his experience of how he is working with the local community to remove the social evils and is working on reforming the education system for a better future of thousands of children. He became a household name after he secured the second rank in the civil service exam in 2016. With his prime focus on reforming the educational environment and curb the prevalence of child marriage, a Young IAS Officer is on his mission to make the world a better place.

Mr. Athar Aamir Khan during the TED Talk emphasized the importance of Education. He said, it gives a different perspective of life and establishes a personal opinion while developing society Socially and Economically. Mr. Athar Aamir is working with the goal of changing public education while curbing social evils. He told that in our country education does not seem to be on priority the way it should be. He expressed his concern over the challenges to transform the society but with full commitment and dedication, nothing can stop you.

Thank you Mr. Athar Aamir Khan for being at TEDxIPERBhopal and escalating the pace of education and transformation in society.

Indeed Education is the Key!