Dr. Madhav Sathe at TEDxIPERBhopal

Dr. Madhav Sathe at TEDxIPERBhopal

An Anaesthesiologist by profession and Social Entrepreneur by passion, Dr. Madhav Narayan Sathe is associated as a consultant in the prestigious Bombay Hospital and Breach candy hospital. Dr. Sathe is working as joint Honorary Secretary of a sustainable social enterprise, The Bombay mothers and children welfare society since 1985 where he has brought a Paradigm shift in charity outlook from “Not for Profit” to “Not for Loss”. Dr. Madhav Narayan Sathe was one of the speakers at TEDxIPERBhopal.


Me, My Country, My Participation

Dr. Madhav Narayan Sathe – The Social Entrepreneur, presented an inspiring terminology of change in Rural India at TEDxIPERBhopal. The digital animated curriculum has transformed the way kids learn in around 280 schools and happens to be one of the remarkable education welfare witnessed in India. All it requires one person, one moment and one compassion to start the change. An Anesthesiologist by profession associated with Bombay Hospital and Breach Candy Hospital, Mumbai and a Social Entrepreneur by Passion. Someone who seeks opportunity in problems and has transformed more than 100 villages in terms of Health, Hygiene, and Education.

TEDx at IPER Bhopal - TEDxIPERBhopal

Dr. Madhav Narayan Sathe emphasized on changing and transforming the society during the TEDx Talk at TEDxIPERBhopal. He said – you open the door of the school, you close the door of the prison. We just need to work on our thought process without any compromises and no need to become a saint for all these things. It requires one person, one moment and one compassion to start a ripple of change.

It was the session of inspiration and an eye-opener for all the present people. We truly appreciate the work done by Dr. Madhav Narayan Sathe. Thank you for your presence, Sir!