Mr. Sandeep Saxena at TEDxIPERBhopal

Mr. Sandeep Saxena at TEDxIPERBhopal

An IIT and IIM Alumni quits the cushy job and helps 400 Madhya Pradesh Farmers grow Organic “Food Forest.” This is the story of 44-years old of Mr. Sandeep Saxena, the man behind developing 6000+ acres of Food Forests in villages of Hoshangabad district, Madhya Pradesh. The one who converted an absolute rocky and barren land into a thriving Food Forest within a span of four years. Mr. Sandeep Saxena was one of the speakers at TEDxIPERBhopal.


Passion is Energy

TEDx at IPER Bhopal - TEDxIPERBhopalMr. Sandeep Saxena – Founder and CEO, Aranyani was the speaker at TEDxIPERBhopal. He spoke about his critical yet astonishing experiences and understanding of Organic Farming. He feels, one has to make choices and take tough decisions and no one should trade time for any other option because time is freedom. You have got to do what’s right and whatever choice we make, your freedom has to be at topmost. An IIT, IIM Alumnus straightaway leaves his prestigious Job at Franklin Templeton (USA) to help farmers grow ‘Food Forests’ without chemicals. In 2007, he founded an organization called Aranyani in MP to raise ‘food forests’ on 2,500 acres of fallow lands.


Mr. Sandeep Saxena at TEDxIPERBhopal talked about the importance of facing failure and learning from it. Failure helps us realize the truth about ourselves and where we need to work on. Likewise, never give up on something that you deserve, stay motivated, create your own way of motivation and you will have countless opportunities in life. He also focused on giving attention to the present rather past or future. Live life to the fullest and forget bad things, past is gone and there’s nothing to do with it now.

IPER thanks Mr. Sandeep Saxena for his presence at TEDxIPERBhopal and spreading such Inspiration.

Indeed, Passion is Energy!