Infrastructure & Facilities

Our campus is built according to the highest standards of architecture and operation. Campus consist of the state-of-the-art classrooms, boardrooms, seminar halls, auditorium, cafeteria, library, and recreation facilities.

We believe that a student joins us for a period of concentrated effort in building his career. Therefore, the student needs a good and conducive environment with sprawling classrooms, gallery, the library with good books in abundance and an ambience to unwind after the days work. Some of the highlights of our infrastructure are:

The Institute has a dedicated Central Library with a Reprography Room for the use of students. The library boasts of an extensive collection of reputed Newspapers, Research Journals, Text as well as Reference Books authored by both Indian and International writers. IPER also has a Digital library with access to Research Journals, Book and Thesis Repositories, Newspaper articles etc.
Students are encouraged to access the library and its resources to update their knowledge on latest trends in Management Research and Industry Practices.

Smart Campus & Classrooms
Our IT enabled classroom supports blended teaching methods for an interactive and facilitative learning environment. Each Digital Classroom and Seminar Hall is spacious, and an acoustically designed space equipped with display boards and modern audio-visual aids.

Faculty members are encouraged to use pedagogical tools to encourage class discussions and interactions by using technology to improve lecture delivery and course content. The studious have other venues to study apart from classrooms, which include corridors, stairways, cafeteria and even the college grounds, as the entire campus is Wi-Fi enabled.

The Institute operates a cafeteria which serves simple yet tasty food to cater to all kinds of taste buds. The Cafeteria is run by experienced caterers, providing snacks and lunch to the students and faculty members, on the concept of ‘pay as you eat’. Clean and well ventilated, a high level of hygiene is maintained to provide the best food so that students do not have to leave the campus during teaching hours.