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IPERians are trained as per the industry norms. Our alumni family is more than 4500+ and evergrowing, with most located in top ranked blue chip companies world-wide.

Student Life

Campus has opportunities for everyone. Be it the classroom learning, outdoor activities, grabbing a bite at cafeteria, or participating in cultural events – Campus is a happening place of every student’s life.


Plenty of options participate to expand your horizons and be a part of a different community of people. Lets manage, engage and work together.



The National Management Convention



The flagship event of IPER and well known for its contemporary themes and participation of eminent corporate personalities.

VISAGE has become a well known platform of learning and interaction and to reach out to professionals, academicians and students fraternity.

Student Achievers

IPER encourages students to build a life outside of classrooms and find creative solutions to problems. Students communities are designed to embrace, challenge, and expose individuals to new ideas daily. With so many opportunities, we have seen students scaling heights. Our academic programmes are carefully created in a manner that ensures all-round development of the students into a professional asset for the corporate as well the society.

Meet Our Students

Ishita Sharma
Ishita Sharma
Shining Star of IPER UG Bhopal - Ishita Sharma is a student of BBA at IPER UG. Ishita is a skilled dance artist and has showcased her talent on various platforms. She secured the first position in Dance Competition at Sabrang 2018 Inter College Fest.
Pankaj Rochani
Pankaj Rochani
The Shining Star of IPER UG Bhopal - Pankaj Rochani is a student of BBA at IPER UG. Pankaj is a prolific student of management who won the first position in Management Games at Foreign Trade Conclave 2018.

Activities & Workshops: More Fun, More To Learn

Abhiyaan KHEL 2019

Abhiyaan KHEL 2019

Sports Competition helps to enhance athletic skills and the overall well-being of the students. It also cultivates team spirit, leadership, healthy competition, and management more than just fun. With this objective, IPER conducts the Abhiyaan KHEL series in MBA batches every year. Abhiyaan 2019 is been organized under the theme “Khel”, on 29th November 2019. ...
Clay Modeling at IPER UG

Clay Modeling at IPER UG

A “Clay Modelling Workshop” was held on 26th Nov 2019 by the Annant Kunst Arts Community of IPER UG students. The Annant Kunst Arts community provided a platform for the students to explore creativity and stimulate the imagination. Students learned clay carving and engraving techniques and Clay Modeling under the guidance of local pottery making expert. ...
Parampara 3 – The Tradition

Parampara 3 – The Tradition

The transmission of customs or beliefs from generation to generation is known as Tradition. IPER UG took that tradition to the next level and organized Parampara 3- The Walk of Tradition. The students showed exciting participation in the Event. Parampara 3- The Walk of Tradition promoted “unity in diversity. Where social differences in physical attributes, ...