Anti-Ragging Policies in the Institution

These policies are based on the directives of Honorable Supreme Court of India’s ruling and UGC Regulations on curbing the menace of ragging in Higher Education Institutions, 2009.

In accordance, it is mandatory for the Institution to get an undertaking from the Parents of all the Students of First Year, stating that their ward would refrain from any activity leading to an act of ragging. UGC rules also provide for stringent punishment if any student is found to be indulging in ragging.

A copy of the UGC regulations on curbing the menace of ragging is available here with, please download.

Further, as per the requirements of guidelines of UGC as well as the Honorable Supreme Court, the students as well as the Parents / Guardians are required to submit duly signed Anti-Ragging undertakings separately. To download the undertakings, please click on the download link provided below –

A copy of the Student Undertaking on Anti-Ragging as per UGC Requirements, please download.

A copy of the Parent Undertaking on Anti-Ragging as per UGC Requirements, please download.

Until we receive these undertakings duly filled-in, signed and sworn by the students and their parents, it may not be possible to allow the students to attend the classes.

Measures to eliminate Ragging in the Institution

The Institute has zero tolerance towards ragging, therefore pursues preventive measures over the years to eliminate all possibilities of occurrences of ragging incidents, even in its mildest form.

The Institute forms an Anti-Ragging Committee comprising of Senior faculties, under the leadership of the Group Director, every year. This committee functions actively from the commencement of the session.

In addition, a separate committee of senior students is formed each year to assist the Anti-Ragging Committee. They act as the eyes and ears of the faculty committee. Besides, they are also involved in educating their colleagues. The contact details of the current Anti-Ragging Committees are provided here with –

 Anti Ragging Squad [Under Graduate Courses], Click here for Contact Details

 Anti Ragging Squad [Post Graduate Courses], Click here Contact Details

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