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    Why pursue BBA at IPER UG Bhopal?

    BBA course provides a solid foundation for pursuing business administration and management as a career. Our BBA course is tailored to suit the industry’s demand for young freshers in business management and we prepare our students to be able to work in a wide variety of sectors. BBA at IPER is an intellectually stimulating course!

    This course aims at producing a competent and confident group of executives, ready to accept challenges and at producing under the fast-changing and rapidly expanding global economy.

    BBA Course Structure

    Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a three-year full-time undergraduate degree course affiliated to Barkatullah University, Bhopal. Admission to this course is conducted through the Higher Education Department, Govt. of Madhya Pradesh, once every year. Read the Admission Process section below to get the details of how to get.

    The salient features of BBA at IPER UG are as follows :

    • Free Bus Facility for all the students of BBA Course, round the Year.
    • Hi-tech classrooms with most-modern audio-visual facilities like LCD Projectors and speakers
    • Daily Attendance and weekly feedback to Parents/ Guardians through Student Web Portal as well as SMS
    • e-learning Portal on Moodle – World’s best Learning Management System
    • Full-time dedicated teacher-mentor system where student performance and other issues are taken care of by a Mentor faculty allotted to the student.
    • IPER UG Bhopal is an identified Center for National Service Scheme (NSS) and all students are encouraged to join and serve the Nation by participating in this National Community.
    • Full-fledged indoor Board games and outdoor sports facility and regular competitions for the students for all-round development.
    • Fully equipped library with reprography facilities for all students
    • Student Community formation for addressing and growing the individual interest areas of each student. Dedicated students’ community for Literary, Sports, Cultural and social-service interest areas.
    • Free Access to International Database Packages, exclusive for IPER UG Students and e-Learning Web Portal.

    How to get admission in BBA?

    The Admission process of Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) full-time Undergraduate Degree Course at IPER UG Bhopal is conducted and regulated by the Higher Education Department, Madhya Pradesh through an online process. Students interested in taking admission in BBA have to complete the registration process with MP Higher Education portal for admission in IPER Undergraduate College.

    Students seeking admission in IPER UG’s BBA must note the College Code for IPER UG, which is ins1465. To receive updated information about the course, its Brochure and for proper guidance, please fill in the Enquiry Form provided here. The major steps in the Admission Counselling Registration Process of MP Higher Education is as follows :

    • Step 1: Apply online on the portal of MP Higher Education when the admission process is initiated by the Department.
    • Step 2: Complete the Online Registration Process, by thoroughly filling up the forms, and Generate / Print challan at the final stage.
    • Step 3: Make the necessary registration fee/challan payment and print your Application Form.
    • Step 4: Proceed for verification of your Original Documents (Marksheets, Certificates, etc) along with the printed Application Form and Challan receipt to any of the Government Colleges listed in the Gazette notification of the Govt. Department.
    • Step 5: Proceed for Admission Confirmation at IPER Campus after Document Verification, along with all verified documents and requisite fee.


    The IPER Tradition

    With a tradition of excellence in academic performance and keeping higher benchmarks for itself, IPER stands distinctly apart in its pedagogical practices and teaching methodologies from its peer Institutions in the State. The 4500+ strong alumni working in various job positions and spread all across the world today reinforces this tradition to newer heights.

    Do More, Be More

    The range of learning outcomes achieved by students from our meticulously designed academic programmes that will equip them to experience and demonstrate an increasingly higher level of understanding, analysis and evidence of the synthesis of theory and practice and are expected to be able to -

    • provide an adequate basic understanding of Management Education among the students.
    • Prepare students to harness opportunities being newly created in the Management profession.
    • Train the students in communication skills effectively.
    • develop appropriate skills in the students so as to make them competent and provide them self-dependent.
    • Inculcate Entrepreneurial skills.

    Academic Features
    The goal of our BBA programme is to address the corporate industry’s ever-growing demand of trained management graduates. We inculcate critical thinking and evaluation, impart technological competence in a very practical environment.

    Learning teamwork and effective Communication is an integral component of this programme. Students are assigned group projects that promote group dynamics and helps improve organizational and leadership skills. Through written and oral presentations, the students develop the confidence to effectively communicate their ideas in a corporate forum. Several academic and non-academic activities such as debate contests, quiz competitions, projects, cultural and sports activities are conducted throughout the year for all-round development of the students.

    Teaching Pedagogy

    Our pedagogy consists of a 3 pronged approach: Academic, Professional and Personal Development. IPER adopts innovative teaching practices to ensure that the participants learn much more than the concepts taught within a contemporary classroom, through corporate visits where the student groups along with their faculty visit an identified company/industry and corporate guest lectures.

    Most modern Hi-tech teaching-aid are installed in all classrooms and halls, that includes LCD Projectors, speakers, computers and wi-fi internet facilities for the faculty as well as students to be able to learn with technological advancements.

    Student Communities
    A vital part of IPER UG experience is the Students Communities. Four vibrant and distinct communities based on the diversity of student’s interest and potentials are available to join as an IPERian. These communities are –

    • The Black Panther Sports Community
    • The Annant Kunst Arts Community
    • The Divine Hands CSR Community
    • The Zeal – Corporate Interface Community

    Each student community plans and organizes various events and activities related to the respective interest area in focus. Students are free to join any of the communities without any restrictions. To know more about the events and activities, read about Events and Activities at IPER.

    IPER UG Student Communities


    Eligibility Criteria

    For admission to Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) at IPER UG, a candidate should have:

    Scholarships and Fee Structure

    IPER Meritorious Scholarship is available on the basis of marks in class 12th. The table below mentions the scholarship details for the First Year:-

    Course Percentage of 12th Marks Scholarship on Fee
    BBA/ BCom Honours/ BCom (Economics)/ BCom (Advertising and Sales)/ BCom (Foreign Trade)/ BCom (Insurance) Above 85% Marks 50% of Fee
    80% to 85% Marks 30% of Fee
    70% to 80% Marks 20% of Fee
    60% to 70% Marks 10% of Fee

    To Continue availing scholarship in the 2nd and 3rd year of the course, the Candidate must fulfill the following -

    1. Must have scored at least 65% in the last University Exams.
    2. Has no disciplinary action against him/her, and
    3. Has an average 85% attendance.

    Year-wise Fee Payable (In Installments) for BBA Batch 2020 Full-time Regular Degree Course at IPER UG is:

    • BBA First Year:
      • First Installment (paid at the time of Admission): Rs. 21,918 /-
      • Second Installment (paid before 15th October): Rs. 20,266 /-
      • Third Installment (paid before 15th January / Before Exam form submission): Rs. 20,266 /-
    • BBA Second Year:
      • First Installment (to be paid before 15th July): Rs. 20,266 /-
      • Second Installment (to be paid before 15th October): Rs. 20,266 /-
      • Third Installment (to be paid before 15th January / Before Exam form submission): Rs. 20,266 /-
    • BBA Third Year:
      • First Installment (to be paid before 15th July): Rs. 20,266 /-
      • Second Installment (to be paid before 15th October): Rs. 20,266 /-
      • Third Installment (to be paid before 15th January / Before Exam form submission): Rs. 20,266 /-

    The above-mentioned fee includes all of the following facilities -

    • Caution Money
    • Free transportation facility
    • Access to all the intellectual informational database
    • Usage of Wi-Fi Internet all across the Campus
    • Access to IPER’s E-Learning Portal – Moodle

    The Institute holds all rights to increase annual fee by maximum 6%.

    BBA Subjects (Course Curriculum)

    BBA First Year Group
    Paper - 1: Principles of Management

    Paper - 2: Communication Skills

    Group 1
    Paper - 3: Micro Economics

    Paper - 4: Business Statistics

    Group 2
    Paper - 5: Financial Accounting

    Paper - 6: Business Mathematics

    Group 3
    Foundation Course Paper 1
    Foundation Course Paper 2
    Foundation Course Paper 3
    Foundation Course

    BBA Second Year Group
    Paper 7 - Marketing Management

    Paper 8 - Marketing Research

    Group 4
    Paper 9 - Financial Management

    Paper 10 - Project Management

    Group 5
    Paper 11 - Human Research Management

    Paper 12 - Organization Behaviour

    Group 6
    Foundation Course Paper 1
    Foundation Course Paper 2
    Foundation Course Paper 3
    Foundation Course

    BBA Third Year Group
    Paper 13 - Entrepreneurial Development

    Paper 14 - Management Information System

    Group 7
    Paper 15 - Business Environment

    Paper 16 - Business Law

    Group 8

    Elective A: Marketing

    Paper 17 - Consumer Behaviour

    Paper 18 - Advertising Management and Sales Promotion

    Elective B: Finance

    Paper 17 - Working Capital Management

    Paper 18 - Corporate Taxation

    Elective C: HRM

    Paper 17 - Human Resource Development

    Paper 18 - Wage and Salary Administration

    Group 9
    Foundation Course Paper 1
    Foundation Course Paper 2
    Foundation Course Paper 3
    Foundation Course

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • What is the full form of BBA?
      BBA stands for Bachelor of Business Administration.
    • Which University affiliates BBA Program at IPER?
      BBA is affiliated to Barkatullah University, Bhopal and is a 3-year full-time course
    • What is the Eligibility Criteria for getting admission in BBA?
      Please refer to the ‘Eligibility and Fees’ tab.
    • What are the facilities included in the Fees?
      The Fee Investment is on per semester basis which includes:
    • Free transportation from multiple points across Bhopal.
    • Access to online International Database Packages.
    • Exclusive IPER UG Students Community membership.