• The contents of this website have been uploaded by IPER,Bhopal an educational institution, to provide stakeholders an overview of the activities and programs. The contents are neither exhaustive nor are meant to be a substitute for personal interaction before arriving at any decisions. The Officers and Staff of IPER cannot in any way be held responsible for the consequences of actions taken on the basis of the contents of the website ;
  • IPER, recognizes and acknowledges the ownership of the trademarks, logos and names of organizations and entities. These have been used merely for various purposes to illustrate visually the relationship between IPER and the respective entities. It must be clearly understood that past performance is not a guarantee of future performance too. Thus, there is absolutely no guarantee, express or implied that organizations that have recruited our students in the past would continue to do so in the future. Recruitment decisions are the sole prerogative of the organizations and IPER, Bhopal has no direct role in the process;
  • It must be explicitly stated that Equivalence of PGDM Programme to MBA has not been obtained by IPER from AIU (Association of Indian Universities). The same may be applied in future as the Institution may deem fit and it should not be held against IPER and no claims whatsoever shall be entertained as the such equivalence by AIU is not mandatory in nature. However IPER Bhopal considers PGDM Programme equivalent to MBA Programme as far as the provisions of All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), New Delhi regarding the infrastructure norms, Teaching Staff requirements and academics pedagogy are concerned;
  • The Short certifications being provided by IPER is solely meant to augment the skills of the students, the certifications so provided are not recognized by any govt./non govt. bodies as of now;
  • IPER also recognizes and respects the rights, privileges and privacy of its stakeholders. Photographs, wherever used, are to provide a glimpse into the organization and are not intended to intrude on the rights, privileges or the privacy of individuals or groups;
  • Any individual, groups of individuals, organization or entity feeling aggrieved may contact Chairman/Director for a prompt and efficient redressal of the grievance. In any event, the responsibility of IPER is limited to correcting inaccuracies if any, and / or removing or modifying objectionable content, if any. Beyond this, IPER or any of its officers cannot be prosecuted against for damages or for other consideration, in as much as the information is furnished in good faith, is subject to correction, where applicable, and is not intended to hurt or loss to any individual, organization or entity;
  • All Degree and Diploma programmes are governed by the provisions/ rules of Department of Technical Education, Govt of MP, All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) New Delhi, Department of Higher Education Govt of MP, Admission and Fee Regulatory Committee (AFRC), Govt of MP and Barkatullah University, Bhopal as the case may be. The Applicable rules will be final and any anomalies regarding any matter printed / published on / in the website / Brochure will not be considered for any claim / litigation. However if any such anomalies brought in the notice , will be immediately corrected if required at places wherever found. Such anomalies should be considered as an unintentional overlook and not as an intentional act;
  • All rights of this site are reserved by the Chairman and Members of IPER.

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