VISAGE, a National Management Convention, is the flagship event of
IPER managed by the students of IPER  under the guidance of their faculty.

About 6th VISAGE Theme:

Once considered as an over-populated country, India has now been transformed into the largest Talent Pool of youngsters.

With 41% of total population categorized as ‘Young’, India is in an advantageous position & has contributed in making the country a Young Country. The young human resource in India would prove to be an important driver for transforming India into a developed nation in the near future.

Young India, now addressed as ‘Youngistaan’, represents a never-failing attitude, desire to take on challenges and the power to turn things around. The great challenge of transforming India can be achieved through our youth which has got the power of ideas, ambition and ability.

“Youth: The Indian Advantage ”

VISAGE VI   January 2 0 1 0


The 6th National Management Convention VISAGE was conceptualized as Leaders’ Conclave.


Prominent Speakers

Mr. C.B. Bhave

Chairman – SEBI, Mumbai
Government of India.

Dr. B. Debroy

Professor – Centre for Policy Research,
New Delhi

Dr. K. Rangarajan

Professor & Head, IIFT, Kolkata

Mr. Sanjay Nirupam

Member- Lok Sabha, Mumbai- North

Mr Rasheed Siddique

Associate Editor, The Telegraph,Kolkata.

Mr Farhan Ansari

Vice President, Reliance Industries Ltd.

Mr. Jeroninio Almedia

Mentor – ICONGO, New Delhi

Dr. J.P.Sahu

Fellow, IIM- Bangalore

Mr. Gulshan Bamra,

Director, Women & Child Welfare,
Govt of MP

Prof Ashish Dongre,

Director, Technical Education,
Govt of MP

Mr. Ashutosh Rana,

Bolloywood Actor, Mumbai.

Dr. Sunil Kumar,

Officer on Special Duty, Regulatory
Fee Committee of M.P.

About 5th VISAGE Theme:

India is growing with a tremendous speed and among BRIC countries, it is young and it is estimated that it will grow by 2050 to be the super power among other developed countries.


Economists believed that India has already achieved double digit growth in physical terms but yes in monetary and national terms it is awaited.


The convention witnessed some of the key speakers like Mumbai Dabbawala who expressed their view point and their contriution in Indian economy via services.

“Managing Double Digit Growth:
Issues & Strategies”

VISAGE V  May 2 0 0 7


The 5th National Management Convention VISAGE has been conceptualized as Fuelling Indian Economy.


Prominent Speakers

Dr. Bibek Debroy

Leading Economist

Mr. Raghav Chandra

Principal Secretary, Scheduled Cast
& Scheduled Tribal Welfare,
Govt. of M.P.

Mr. Nasser Munjee,
Chairman, Development Credit
Mr. Sunil K. Goel,
Chief Operating Officer-Mobile
Services, Bharti Airtel Ltd.
Mr. Subhash Vithaldas,
Chairman-CII (M.P. State Council) &
Director, Permali Wallace Ltd.
Mr. C. E. Fernandes,
CMD, GEI Industrial Systems Ltd.
Mr. Raghunath D. Medge,
President, Mumbai Dabbawalas
(Nutan Mumbai Tiffin Supply
Association – NMTSA)
Mr. Gangaram Talekar,
Secretary, Mumbai Dabbawalas
(Nutan Mumbai Tiffin Supply Association –
Mr. Farhan Ansari,
Group Vice President-Corporate
Affairs & Special Projects, Reliance
Industries Ltd.
Prof. R. S. Sirohi,
Vice Chancellor, Bhopal University

About 4th VISAGE Theme:

India is the land of opportunities. Experts from diverse fields like Pharma. Software and Banking expressed their views on Indian economy, its growth and hurdles.


It was also observed that the country has no dearth of talent and entrepreneurs and innovators have come up together to give better products and services to India.


Also the purchasing power of Indian consumers is growing so it is a positive signal for growing markets foundation.

“India – The Excellence Zone :
Present Status & Future Strategies”

VISAGE IV   January 2 0 0 5


The 4th National Management Convention VISAGE was conceptualized with India as the land of opportunities.


Prominent Speakers


Mr. Tejendra Khanna,
Chairman, Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd.,
New Delhi
Mr. Sham Banerji,
Head (Software), Texas Instruments,
Mr. M. M. Agarwal,
President (Merchant Banking), UTI,
Mr. C. K. Baljee,
MD, Baljee Group of Hotels, Bangalore
Mr. Rohtash Mal,
CEO, Bharti Infotel Ltd. (MP&CG),
Mr. Raghav Chandra,
MD, MPSIDC, Bhopal
Mr. Pratap Verma,
Industrial Advisor, MPSIDC, Bhopal
Mr. Vilash Satpute,
Vice President (Mfg.), Lupin Ltd.,
Dr. D. K. Bandopadhyay,
Director, Indian Institute of Forest
Management, Bhopal
Dr. Ram Prasad,
Vice Chancellor, Bhopal University
Prof. (Dr.) N. R. Madhava Menon,
Director, National Judicial Academy,

About 3rd VISAGE Theme:

The Central Theme was addressed through many angles by the visionaries of the country.


Eminent speakers were invited from various different sectors like Economy, IT, Engineering, International Business, Public Sector etc. The belief was firm and loud reconfirming India’s inevitable growth in coming years laid by rock solid foundation.

“India Inc : Building Competence for
Global Competition”

VISAGE III   February 2 0 0 3


The 3rd National Management Convention Visage with focus on India’s preparedness to cope up with the world’s best with the theme.


Prominent Speakers


Dr. Bibek Debroy

Famous Economist & Director, Research,
Rajiv Gandhi Foundation, New Delhi

Mr. Harish Bijoor,
CEO, Harish Bijoor Inc., Bangalore
Prof. Manoj Pant,
Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
Mr. S. K. Mukerji,
Director, Oracle India Pvt. Ltd., Gurgaon
Mr. Subodh Jain,
Divisional Railway Manager, Bhopal
Mr. S. K. Singh,
Vice President, MAHLE Migma Ltd., Pithampur
Mr. R. K. Shrivastava,
President, Fortune International Ltd., New Delhi

About 2nd VISAGE Theme:

With the advent of advanced technologies and internet facilities, consumers have access to more information. They can now compare and choose the best fit product as per their needs.


It has led to the production of tailor made products as compared to the mass production done earlier.


This has led to the change in the canvas of production.

“Future of New Economy & Digital Age: From Mass Production to Mass Customization”

VISAGE II   November 2 0 0 2


The 2nd National Management Convention VISAGE was conceptualized with focus on how economy in future would get  affected with the increasing use of  digital medium.


Prominent Speakers


Mr. N. Vittal,

CVC, Govt.of India

Dr. T. K. Bhaumik,
Sr. Advisor, Confederation of Indian
Industry, New Delhi
Dr. R L Bhatia,
Director, Center for Change
Management, Mumbai
Mr. Sumit Roy,
Advisor – Quality, CII, Pune
Prof. K. Rangrajan,
IIFT, New Delhi
Mr. P. P. Khare,
Chief General Manager, Bharat Sanchar
Nigam Ltd., Bhopal

About 1st VISAGE Theme:

With the advent of advanced technologies and internet facilities, the world has emerged as the global village.


It is now ten years of the liberalization era and the effects of free flow of trade and advent of MNCs is observed in our economy.

The convention invited some key speakers from diverse sectors to express their views.

“New Management Perceptions for
Shrinking yet Expanding Global Market”

VISAGE I   November 2 0 0 0



The 1st National Management Convention VISAGE was conceptualized with the theme “New Management Perceptions for Shrinking yet Expanding Global Market”.


Prominent Speakers

Mr. P. V. A. Ramarao,
Banking Ombudsman, M.P., RBI, Bhopal
Dr. Bibek Debroy,
Director, Reearch, Rajiv Gandhi
Foundation, New Delhi
Mr. K, N. Vaidyanathan,
MD, Advantage India
Prof. B.K. Pal,
Ex-Head of SQC & OR Division, Indian
Statistical Institute, Kolkata & Director,
Ascent Quality Services, Bangalore
Mr. R.N. Pandey,
President, Jayaswal NECO Ltd., Raipur
Mr. Anuj Lall,
Plant-HR Manager, Procter & Gamble
Hygiene & Health Care Ltd., Mandideep
Dr. Anil Shrivastava,
Additional Director, Quality Management
Age Programme, Lucknow University,
Mr. M.S. Tyagi,
ED, Nahar Spinning Mills Ltd., Mandideep
Mr. Jayant K. Singh,
CEO, Transcendent Quality Management
Services Ltd., Mumbai