Ms. Ankita Shrivastava at TEDxIPERBhopal

Ms. Ankita Shrivastava at TEDxIPERBhopal

Ms. Ankita Shrivastava is the first Indian to win 2 Gold in Long Jump, Ball Throw and 1 Silver in a 100-meter sprint for India at the World Transplant Games 2019 in New Castle, UK. She was the youngest among the 2027 participants and won 3 of the 6 medals for the country. She is the Youngest Liver donor and donated 74% of her liver to her mother. Ms. Ankita Shrivastava was one of the speakers at TEDxIPERBhopal.


From Organ Transplant to World Record Jump

TEDx at IPER Bhopal - TEDxIPERBhopal

The journey from being a liver donor to the World record holder for Long Jump and Ball Throw in World Transplant Games, Ms. Ankita Shrivastava stated everything comes out of love. She spoke about the value that people bring to your life and how important it is to keep them around. She forced on working on your ideas because confidence and inspiration lie inside us. Country’s youngest liver donor, bedridden for months and Country’s first athlete to win double gold at the World Transplant Games held at New Castle, Britain. An International Athlete, An Entrepreneur, An Author and much more. A true personification of Commitment and Dedication.


Ms. Ankita Shrivastava during the talk at TEDxIPERBhopal stressed on having the “never-give-up” attitude. Our family is our biggest strength, they are the nucleus of our success, so treat them as such. She urged to find our way of motivation and inspiration. Work hard and never settle for anything less than you deserve.

IPER Group of Institutions expresses its heartful gratitude for the presence of Ms. Ankita Shirvastava!

Such an amazing talent!