Mr. Amit Kasliwal at TEDxIPERBhopal

Mr. Amit Kasliwal at TEDxIPERBhopal

Mr. Amit Kasliwal – Life Transformation Guru, was one of the speakers at TEDxIPERBhopal. Mr. Amit Kasliwal is leading one of India’s biggest automakers “Ford Motor Company” as Head Corporate Sales. He has also been a part of the INSEAD Leadership Program for Senior Executives. A Life Transformation Guru – A leadership coach Mr. Kasliwal has a passion for motivating individuals and executives to transform their lives by understanding the importance of mindfulness practices.

Change, Grow and Transform

TEDx at IPER Bhopal

Mr. Amit Kasliwal shared his life experiences and how he tackled the tough times. During the talk, he said Life isn’t all straight. There are moments when you don’t get what you deserve but hang in there, stay focused and disciplined. Stimulate yourself to accomplish your goals and be not afraid of life. Likewise, Mr. Kasliwal during the talks told us to create your way of motivation to create opportunities. It is important to reskill oneself, develop your current skills and decide which route you want to perceive.


Mr. Kasliwal emphasized on transformation and belives to go beyond the way you live and co-create a better life for yourself. Amid the talks, he told us to use your thoughts, have faith in yourself and work hard for your goals. Use your power of imagination to feed your mind. While it is important to give attention to your mental health along with your physical condition. Another crucial concept he talked about was Living in the Moment or being conscious. It means not dwelling on the past, nor being anxious or worrying about the future, just concentrating our attention on the present and focus on the task at hand. Likewise, you will improve your observation, you will become self-aware and more curious and start understanding others.

Thank you Mr. Amit Kasliwal for spreading such inspiration at TedxIPERBhopal.

Its time to Change, Grow and Transform!