“Out of the Box” Pre Start-Up Guest Lecture

“Out of the Box” Pre Start-Up Guest Lecture

IPER organized a Pre-Incubation Workshop “Out of the Box” Pre Start-Up to sensitize the diligence and passion among the MBA students. The Management Watch Activity aimed to provide the direction to focus and learn crucial concepts of Entrepreneurial journey. Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) plays a serious role in the economic growth of the country. The guest experts insisted in the same vain and motivated students to put their focus on Start-Ups and Entrepreneurship.


The prominence of Entrepreneurship

Mr. Anshuman Gupta (General Manager- DIC Mandideep) in his lecture totally emphasized on the importance of Entrepreneurship. He said Entrepreneurs are Wheels of economic development of the country. They provide a valuable contribution to the development of the national economy. Mr. Anshuman said to do something exceptional in a life one has to take risks and furthermore, proper guidance and start-up route make it easy for small entrepreneurs to survive.

Government Schemes to promote Start-Ups

Mr. Satendra Kumar (Manager-DIC, Bhopal) told various Government Schemes to encourage MBA Students to go towards Star-Ups rather going for Jobs. Moreover, Mukhya Mantri Yuva Udyami Yojana was the main attraction where the youths of the State will be provided loan up to Rs 10 lakhs without interest, as seed capital for startups. He mentioned some of the notable start-ups of Madhya Pradesh such as Wittyfeed, Bag2Bag, MaalGaadi.

Loan Process and Bank Requirements

Whether a start-up or a top MNC, money is the most crucial factor for any business. Mr. Ruchin Khare (Senior Manager- Canara Bank, Bhopal) explained the loan process and essentials of getting a loan. He said, reasons for choosing a business loan should be justified and should depend on the repayment capability based on the nature and volume of the business. One must be fully acknowledged about his own business so the bank can be convinced to get the job done.


The point is, rather than faithfully follow rules and routines set by others one must create his own. In like manner, today’s young generation needs to learn the entrepreneurial skills. It includes taking responsibility of the decisions, becoming self reliant, ability to take risks, dynamic in nature and progressive.

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