Faculty Development Programme Concludes

Faculty Development Programme Concludes

A week-long Faculty Development Programme concluded in March 2019 with plenty of learning and experiences for the participants who were faculties from Institutions across the State of Madhya Pradesh. The goal of the programme was to enhance teaching techniques and promoting applied research in teaching. All the faculties attended the sessions showed great enthusiasm throughout the week.

FDP Session Topics

The Faculty Development Programme held at IPER Campus was based on the theme “Teaching Management Subjects: Applied Practices and Pedagogy “. During the one week programme, sessions were held on the following:

  • Psychological Orientation – by Dr. Swati Tiwari
  • Applied Accounting & Finance – by Dr. A S Khalsa
  • Applied Excel – by Mr. Anil Purushothaman
  • Management in Family Run Business – by Resource Person from CII
  • Applied Marketing – by Dr. Mahesh Soni
  • Applied Statistics/Quant – by Dr. Vaibhav Lowalekar
  • Research Topic Exploration – by Dr. Trupti Dave
  • Case Methods – by Dr. Hersh Sharma
  • Applied Strategic Management – by Dr. Ashish Ghosh
  • IT Tools – by Mr. Manish Nair
  • Applied Economics – by Ms. Praseeja Menon
  • Management Games and Exercise – by Mr. Rahul Choubey & Dr. Paramjeet Singh
  • Applied HRM – by Mr. Sujoy Sen
  • Global Business Perspectives – by Dr. Arjun Murti
  • Applied Business Communication – by Mr. Owais Qureshi

The programme was a success in its objectives of stimulating the participating teacher’s needs for applied approach to classroom teaching. It enabled the participants to develop their applied viewpoint of Management Subjects being taught them and develop customized pedagogies. It must be noted that, Management teachers play a crucial role in training competent future managers in both business and non-business organizations. Likewise, sessions emphasized on methods of teaching, group exercises, learning tools, and management games.

The Valedictory Ceremony

Dr. R J Rao (Vice-Chancellor, Barkatullah University Bhopal) was the Chief Guest on the Valedictory Ceremony of the programme. During his speech, he said that maintaining the Right Perspective is important for faculty development. However, learning to teach is a lifelong process involving continual improvement. Likewise, Dr. Rao emphasized on adapting to the Changes taking place in the society, he said that when the faculties are ready they can make their students ready. A mental picture of the best possible future is a key to progress.

Mr. Saawan Upreti (Head, CII Skill Development Center) expressed his gratitude specifically towards the Institution for conducting Faculty Development Programme. He said IPER has been a big resource for CII and the association will see more of such kind of developmental activities. Mr. Upreti further said CII will continue extending their participation in management learning through their experts from the industry on various subjects.

Vote of Thanks

India is among the countries that have the highest number of educational institutions and consequently, the highest number of teachers and faculty members. Certainly, this fact itself boosts the importance of events like the Faculty Development Programme. Moreover, it demands a high level of individual and group effort from participants to draw maximum learning benefit.

Dr. Hersh Sharma offered the vote of thanks at the end of week long Faculty Development Programme and thanked the enthusiastic participants who want to make a difference in management education. Similarly, he applauded the passion and sincerity of the participants who adhered the basic reason for the Faculty Development Programme. Dr. Hersh also appreciated the resource persons for their proper guidance and overall contribution toward the event.

IPER congratulate and greet all the Participants for their successful completion of the Programme-

Ms. Bhawna Sahajwani (Sant Hirdaram Institute), Dr. Sumit Kishore (SCOPE College), Ms. Sunita Ramchandani (Sant Hirdaram Institute), Ms. Shabeena Khan Durrani (Career College), Ms. Subhashini Sagar (Radharaman College), Ms. Jyoti Singh (Radharaman College), Dr. Rajesh Sahu (Bhabha Management Institute), Mr. Rehan Raza Rahi (Royal College Indore), Mr. Ashish Chopra (Barkatullah University), Rashi Paliwal (People’s Institute of Management), Dr. Satish Kumar (Shyama Prasad Mukherjee PG College), Khushboo Chhabra (MK Ponda College), Dr. Tina Sachdeva ( Sagar Institute of Science & Technology), Ms. Priyanka Sonare (Rabindranath Tagore University), Ms. Deepali Sohane (VNS Faculty of Mangement), Ms. Monika Sharma (Maharishi Centre of Education), Preeti Tiwari (Rabindranath Tagore University), Ms. Rahila Ali (Jagran Lakecity University), Ms. Priya Saxena ( Sagar Institute of Science & Technology), Ms. Himadri Shrivastava (IPER), Ms. Swati Chauhan (IPER).


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