Brainstorming Session

Brainstorming Session

Brainstorming is a practice of generating new and creative ideas through group engagement. It facilitates the free-thinking environment which motivates students to come up with a unique approach. Likewise, brainstorming helps in extracting the qualities that we all have buried inside of us. It involves the invention of new motives or the re-invention of something that already exists. However, the important thing is that we can all be creative, we just have to take the required steps to bring out from within. Brainstorming sessions are a regular practice at IPER Campus.




Brainstorming in Management Courses


Thinking out of the box is Brainstorming, it is the approach to look at the situation from a different point of view, something which a management fellow must have. Consider all factors that are affected by your problem or your concern and accordingly choose the right outlook. When it comes to the application of brainstorming to the management, the following steps are necessary and very effective-

Note Down your Goals :

One must identify what is the actual goal and the entire team should have a clear understanding of that goal. For optimal outcomes, everybody has to look ahead and try to figure out efficient ways to achieve the goals.

Move Away Mentally :

Move away from the current scenario and imagine how another person would react if subjected in the same situation. Application in different settings can be done and adopt a solution among them.

Exercise your Imagination :

Let your imagination run wild. This will trigger creativity as you can see things from different lights. Consider taking suggestions from the teammates. This path could produce new and effective ideas.

Do not Rush :

You can’t rush creativity. Hurrying does not help in the outflow of the ideas. Go over each of the activities and exercise each one. Give it enough time.


How it is Helpful?

Brainstorming is a modern method of solving problems. It helps in generating better ideas and also helps to build solutions on the ideas of others. It provides different views of the problems which make it a very productive method to deal with the obstructions. Brainstorming builds confidence and decision making skills as every person and every idea has equal worth. As even seemingly foolish ideas can spark off better ones. Finally, this modern technique is very helpful in improving the Working Atmosphere which ultimately motivates the members.



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