College Fest Excitement – Participating in preparations

College Fest Excitement – Participating in preparations

“To live is to be marked. To live is to change, to acquire the words of a story, and that is the only celebration we mortals really know.” What can be more joyous than seeking knowledge in action? I feel there is no better thing than a college fest imbibing a lot of opportunities to grab on, where some are the leader and some the coordinators, filled with a garden recreation.

Fests means a Stage to Shine on, which indeed tells us that fests provide us a platform where we can enhance our socializing and communication skills as well. December is here, and we are all set to host The Reflexions 2018 here at IPER Bhopal Campus. Organizing a college fest is always a mammoth task and achieving the fest is no less than scaling an unscaled mountain.

There is immense vibrancy towards hosting of this gala event. Their excitement level is immeasurable on any normal scale. While talking to some first-year student about the fest made me feel no less than conversing with eminent event planners. They had a lot of creativity and enthusiasm for work. It is reflecting their desire to achieve a successful event. Although the seniors have already experienced a number of fests before. They are mature enough to guide and lead, but there is no dearth in their zeal and verve for the upcoming winter gala. “REFLEXIONS” is the term which every Iperian has on his/her mouth. Everyone is busy with the preparations of the fest but how can the Instagram and Whatsapp stories be left vacant. Well, the count is simply uncountable. The most interesting part is, the more they work for the activities, double they click selfies and groupfies together. The team looks beautiful together on their social media posts.

Showcasing Management Skills

Students are on a run to bring the best sponsors for the college fest. Some are bragging in every college to get the maximum participation from entire Central India. No doubt, the invitation committee is having a lot of innovative heads. The young to-be managers are brushing up their marketing skills through both online and offline promotions. While some are having brainstorming sessions to form the wackiest and craziest contests for the fest. There are number of committees working vigorously just to make an indelible impression of the 2 days of the college fest on each and every minds.

The faculty members are extending constant support to all the students. They are polishing the skills of the students for every activity.  Decked up to take on this crazy ride of the 2-day events and shows that is scheduled on 22nd and 23rd December 2018. Visit the IPER Reflexions 2018 – Season 6 website for participating in the Mega Students Fest of Central India.

“We will persist until we succeed”.

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