Panel Discussion held in IPER MBA Class of 2020

Panel Discussion held in IPER MBA Class of 2020

Another season of Abhiyaan Series of Student Events began at IPER, as the students of MBA second semester participated in the Panel Discussion “Vimarsh” on the “Agriculture Role in India and Subsidies Problems and Challenges” and “Fake News Will Kill Social Fibre of India”. The deliberation of the session was devoted to the complications and chaos our system and society is facing and identifying possible solutions to such problems.

Agriculture Role in India

Agriculture has been the primary origin of livelihood in India and in almost all parts of the world. It is the backbone of the economic system of the Country. Agriculture contributes about 17% of the total GDP. It is the source of employment, has an immense role in defining the National Income and contributes towards Capital Formation. Indian Agriculture is plagued by many challenges such as Instability, Land Ownership, Farming Debt, Marketing of Agriculture Products and so on.

Subsidies Problems and Challenges

The government provides the agricultural subsidy to the farmers as an incentive to supplement their income and manage the supply of agricultural commodities. There are various subsidies that the government provides such as

  • Fertilizer subsidy
  • Power subsidy
  • Agricultural Equipment subsidy
  • Irrigation subsidy
  • Seed subsidy
  • Credit subsidy

However, the biggest issue with the subsidies is that it does not reach fully to the farmers for whom it is meant. Its implementation has some flaws, quoted Suruchi Jain while speaking in the discussion. Majority of the cases consist of subsidy distortion .i.e. involvement of the middleman. Certainly, the government of India has decided to evolve a mechanism to transfer cash directly in a farmer’s account instead of paying a subsidy of giving a loan waiver.

Fake News Problem

Fake News refers to false information or propaganda published under the appearance of being authentic news. It misleads the consumer of the content and spread misinformation via Social Media or word of mouth. Moreover, social media has provided the platform for such activities. As a result, now anyone can create such content and spread information all over. However, the biggest problem is the lack of authenticity of the news coming through social media.

Fake News killing the Social Fiber of India

Fake News spreads faster than anything as the majority of the people do not cross-check the genuineness of the forwarded messages. So this creates an unpleasant environment and tension among the masses. The absence of a regulatory mechanism to contain fake news can have complex consequences. It may spark communal and religious violence. Most importantly, one must use its common sense before reacting to any stuff and taking responsibility as an individual to keep society safe from such fringe elements.

At the conclusion, the Abhiyaan: Vimarsh Panel Discussion concluded with an aim to provide social and system improvisation. Controlling the growing problems of Agriculture a Fake News and focus on identifying solutions for the same. Participants received the event participation certificates for their valuable contribution.

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