22nd MBA Batch of IPER Commences with “Head Start”

22nd MBA Batch of IPER Commences with “Head Start”

A graceful occasion for one and all at IPER is the day of MBA Induction Programme every year in the Campus, and this year as the 22nd Batch of MBA students stepped-in, the occasion was no less in excitement and determination in the hearts of the freshers.

Gracing the occasion along with our Institution’s Chairman Shri KJ

Rawtani Sir, Secretary Shri RK Sadhwani (Chaitanya Shiksha Samiti) and Dr. Amarjeet Singh Khalsa (Group Director, IPER) were the eminent Chief Guest of the Occasion Capt Anil Dhankar, Ex HR Head – Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, India and Guest of Honor Mr. Animesh Jain, Vice Chairman – CII Bhopal and Director – Arihant Detergents Pvt Ltd were present. The dignitaries of the occasion were present on the dais and addressed the MBA Batch of 2020 in the Inaugural Session.

In his opening address to the students, Shri Rawtani welcomed the new MBA Batch and told that IPER was established in 1996 to register Bhopal and Madhya Pradesh on the map as a prominent location of Management Institutions in India. By providing innovative, world-class quality management education, Mr Rawtani said, that IPER has nearly achieved the objectives of quality management education in the State. In his speech Mr. Rawtani insisted that the students make full use of the facilities extended by the Institution to them, such as Library, Computer Lab end reading-learning materials.

Dr Amarjeet Singh Khalsa, Group Director – IPER Group of Institutions, while addressing the students on the occasion told that India is today a 2.5 Trillion Dollars economy, and the Annual Budget of the Country presented by the Union Govt is 19 Lac Crores. He said that it is the young citizen of the Country who are the promising future of the Nation. He said MBA is the course that prepares you to derive the advantage of this growing Economy. He said that these 2 years in the MBA students life is the deciding phase of their Career, and wished all the students the very best for the challenges and learning opportunities coming up.

Mr. Animesh Jain, Vice Chairman – CII Bhopal in his speech said that MBA is a course where in the next 2 years the faculties are going to share their years of experience with the students, and an opportunity for the students to gain all that experience and make a career in business management. He said that MBA equips a student to be a future leader. He told the students that MBA provides three facades – first is hands-on experience, second is about being a leader, and the third important thing that MBA teaches is how to be an Entrepreneur. He said that while working in the Corporate sector, everyone is an entrepreneur, as one has to work in a team and work towards newer set of goals in the job.

The Chief Guest of the occasion Capt. Anil Dhankar talked on an altogether different perspective of life and career. Capt Dhankar, who is an Ex-HR Head of Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, focussed on how one should take learning lessons from failures in life and career. With numerous examples of famous personalities who have faced failures in their lives, Capt Dhankar explained how important it is to learn from our mistakes and our failures.

The 3-day Induction Programme was planned and organized by the senior batch students and faculties, who made every event into an activity that included decision-making aspects and having fun while learning too. The Institution welcomes the 22nd Batch of MBA to IPER Campus !

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