The Debut: Batch Induction Programme, IPERUG

The Debut: Batch Induction Programme, IPERUG

In a day full of curiosity about the College, excitement of meeting new set of classmates and teachers, and above all with a gleaming5th Induction Day - IPER UG 2018 desire to excel in life and career, the Induction Programme of young undergrads of the 5th Batch of IPER UG, the class of 2021 stepped-in at IPER Campus on 16th August, 2018.

This Induction day was aptly titled as “The Debut” as it was the first day into a new Campus. A fresh beginning of learning at a higher level for the freshers. However, the faculty and senior batch students had been preparing and practicing for “The Debut” day from almost a fortnight before celebrations planned by .


Esteemed Inaugural

Speaking in his inaugural speech, Dr. Amarjeet Singh Khalsa, Group Director, IPER welcomed all the young students to the Campus and said that its time for the students to enjoy their “freedom” with responsibility. He said its time for this batch to understand their responsibility towards their life, their family and society. He told students that these 3 years is the time to carve a niche for oneself in a professional career.

Speaking on the occasion, Shri Narendra Rawtani, Treasurer, Chaitanya Shiksha Samiti (the Parent Body of IPER), said that IPER as an Institution has consistently delivered quality education in the past 20 years, ever since its inception in 1996. He said that we have consistently evolved over the years, whether it is the lectures, or events and activities. He insisted that one should have a routine in his or her life. A routine shapes your destiny and makes who you are and who you will be. With a routine comes to focus, consistency and the time to do things. The second point Mr. Narendra insisted upon was the focus of students on their productivity.

The 2-day Induction Programme had several interesting fun-n-learn activities based events. Senior students and faculties organized the whole events for their juniors. The Induction sessions were so fun-filled and enjoyable that the batch of 2021 is going to remember this day for a long time in their lives. Welcome to the Undergraduate Class of 2021!



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