Coping with Failures & Challenges

Coping with Failures & Challenges

“I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.”
Michael Jordan

Exactly, If you are not trying anything you will not fail but if you are trying doing something there are equivalent chances to fail.  If you make a mistake, have a setback or you simply fail, but you were trying at the least. However, facing failure is still not fun or easy and you cannot avoid it unless you avoid doing anything at all.

As a learner, we always focus on success, the goal and achievement and the thing we prefer to ignore is “failure”. Actually, no one wants to face failure but the truth is that the most successful people are also the people who saw several failures in their life and work. Failures are practical trainers who guide you to the lesson of life. The problem begins at the point of where you don’t want to face the failure.

Everyone has to face failure in one or more time like in exams, job interviews, projects, meetings, business, startups, relationships, and so on. People have a different understanding of the term failure and they have different behaviors to deal with it. Some are very optimistic and take it as a lesson of learning and for some, it is really difficult to get out of it. Therefore, everyone should know how to cope up with the rejection, disappointment or failure so that it does not restrict. So, it is required to take a smart and self-kind move to handle such a situation or else it will lead to vicious self-beating and will drag you into the negativity.

Sometimes, Feeling bad is also good:

It is often noticed that some have habits of ignoring the reality and act as everything is fine, it is not affecting them at all.  But, this is not a reality as everyone has good or bad feelings and if in case you are feeling bad it is perfectly fine. Allow yourself to feel bad for some time so that it could not affect you for a long time. If not, it will remain in your subconscious mind and will restrict you to start anything new. You are social and failure is just a part of your learning life, so do not take it personally.

Be positive and learn from the situation:

Just because you failed today does not mean you are not capable of doing it. It may be the situation or the way you attempted makes it fail, it is not you. So be positive, analyze the work method and try to find out the reason for failure. Try it with a new zeal, a new technique, positive attitude and enthusiasm to win to succeed.

Find inspiration from your surrounding:

Generally, people follow the successful person but actually, the thing to follow is not the person, but the story of success, as it tells about all the failed attempts and the hard work done by the person before he or she finally succeeded. Such stories will inspire you to try more and explores the new way of getting success.

Discuss more:

Instead of feeling humiliating and keeping it in you, discuss it with your close ones. Let it out into the light which helps you to discover more with another’s perspective and point of view. This can help you to ground yourself in reality again, to encourage and perhaps even to find a way forward.

Trust yourself, be Confident and take a new start:

This is the time when you need to analyze your capabilities, skills, and competencies. Collect the memories of your achievements and best performance. Trust in your skills and abilities and again take a new start to cope up with your failure. This is just a time to think new, start new and taste a new success.

 Believe it or not, there are many times more failures in the world than success, but whats worth noting is the fact that despite all the numerous failures behind us, we as mankind have not given up trying.