How to Choose the Best Commerce Course After 12th

How to Choose the Best Commerce Course After 12th

The recent economic reformation in India is expected to provide better opportunities for individuals with new scope and possibilities in the organized job sectors, experts say. In addition, digitization has extended educational institutions reach to a higher level. In this new refreshed scenario, defining a career for a fresher school pass out is hopefully not going to be as tedious as it used to be.

With innumerable available options, choosing the best course after 12th is one of the low-rated yet highly challenging task. After selection of subject stream in class Tenth (Maths, Science, Commerce, Arts, Biology, etc), class 12th is the next important juncture in the path of a student’s career. Almost every student has several queries and doubts in his or her mind. In this article, we will focus on commerce stream students.

One should consider following aspects while approaching a decision to choose courses after 12th in Commerce stream –

Consideration 1: What are my Career Dreams?

The foremost consideration is to identify the career dream by analyzing the aspects and interest in day to day life. A job that not only fulfills and satisfies your needs or wants but also stretches happiness in doing that.  A job where you can showcase your best and enhance the competence as well as intellectual skills you have. Either you may be influenced by one of your cousin or relative and want to pursue that career or you have guidance from your parents. It is important to identify the career dream before choosing the career path, such as choosing the commerce stream.

Consideration 2: What subject do I love to study?

Commerce Graduation is not all about holding an academic degree but a bridge from theoretical classes to the practical world. So, it is necessary to have interest in the subjects which you are going to study or else it will be very difficult to continue with those subjects for long. Lets take an instance of BBA subjects. BBA has Principles of Management, Business Economic, Business Accounting and statics, Operation Research, Financial and Management Accounting, Production and Material Management, Personnel Management and Industrial Relation, Marketing Management, Business Data Processing and Business Law as subjects. If you feel yourself easily associating with these subjects and you feel a strong inclination towards learning these subjects further, then BBA can become your pick. Therefore, it is important to consider your subject interest before choosing the course.

Consideration 3: Course and related Job Sector Scenario

Another important factor to consider is the job availability with reference to the course you are planning to opt. Do keep in mind that job opportunities are subject to location, for example, BA in Mass Communication may not have the same scope in your city but might have a lot of job opportunities in the metro cities. Relate this scenario with your possibilities of moving out of the home and finding job in other cities in near future, you will need to discuss it with your parents also. Also, note that the same qualification and job profile can yield varied pay scales also. Its a must for you to identify your objectives – high paying job vs career of your utmost interest. You need to evaluate your family’s financial situation and the role expected from you in the future.

Top 20 Courses after 12th Commerce:

  1. BCom – Bachelor of Commerce
  2. BCom (Hons) – Bachelor of Commerce with Honours
  3. BBA – Bachelor of Business Administration
  4. BMS – Bachelor of Management Studies
  5. Bachelor of Economics
  6. S – Company Secretary
  7. A.- Chartered Accountant
  8. LLB- Bachelor of Law
  9. CFP- Certified Financial Planner
  10. CMA- Certified Management Accountant
  11. Cost and Management Accountant
  12. Animation and Multimedia Courses
  13. Journalism and Mass Communication
  14. Event Management Courses
  15. Fashion Design and Technology
  16. Hotel Management
  17. Actuarial science
  18. SEO and Digital Marketing
  19. Hospitality Diploma Courses

In addition to above courses, various diploma and certified courses are also available that offers a wide scope and opportunities in different organized sectors. It is recommended to pursue the professional course from a recognized Institution or University. It is very important to consult your parents, professional guide or teachers before choosing any career path.

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