AOII aims at getting academic expertise from the best academic institutions of the country. This initiative aims at orienting the students of the MBA program about the need of the different subjects they read in their management program in two hours of online session.


Outreach programs sensitize students towards their duties and responsibilities within the society and community. It also serves the citizenship training goal of education through the development of various skills like soft skills, leadership skills, and team-building skills. Most importantly, the aspiring teachers become aware, compassionate, and benevolent citizens who believe in the larger good of society.


Our outreach/extension activities truly help us move closer to our vision and mission of nurturing teacher professionals with positive attitudes and values, who excel in teaching, learning, and research and who can serve as catalysts to create a just and caring society.


IPER’s Academic outreach initiative has been integrated within the timetable and runs throughout the year. The key idea behind this practice was to provide opportunities to student-teachers to engage with our partner organizations for longer durations to make a real difference in overall development of student as a valuable citizen for society.



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