NSS Day Celebration

NSS Day Celebration

National Service Scheme (NSS) is a Scheme of Government of India – Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports. NSS  provides opportunity for students to serve the Nation through community service. NSS Scheme was launched in 1969, the hundredth birth anniversary year of the Father of Nation. On 24th September NSS Day is celebrated every year with curriculum and activities. Likewise, NSS volunteers of IPERUG joined the NSS Day Celebration by visiting a special camp to sensitize the adopted village (Gram Panchayat Kirat Nagar) and the school children of that village about the importance of social work in students life.

Special Camp by NSS Volunteers

On the occasion of the NSS Day, IPER UG NSS Volunteers visited Village Gram Panchayat Kirat Nagar and organized a special camp. The camp was inaugurated by the Head of the Gram Panchayat Ms. Kanchan Keer and Social Activist Mr. Suraj Keer. Markedly, the program started with the awareness rally by NSS volunteers showcasing the ongoing social issues of the country. The senior NSS volunteers of IPER UG performed “Nukkad Natak” on social media usage and its impact on our lives.

The school children of the village came to know the importance of cleanliness and social work. The school students were part of interactive games with the hidden message to motivate them towards Clean India movement. New NSS volunteers from first year of IPER UG saw the event for the first time and were very happy to see the excitement among the villagers and children.


The Selfless Service

Such initiatives towards improvement shove to realize the importance of being rooted to the ground and serving the society to bring a positive change. The motto of NSS is ‘NOT Me But You’. This reflects the essence of democratic living and upholds the need for selfless service and appreciation of the other person’s point of view and also to show consideration for fellow human beings. At last, to ignite this feeling of nationalism NSS volunteers sang NSS Songs in which the school students and residents of the village actively participated. The camp concluded with National Anthem.