Parampara – Twins-Triplets Day Celebration

Parampara – Twins-Triplets Day Celebration

IPER UG Bhopal students celebrated Parampara – Twins – Triplet Day on 20th September 2019. A day full of fun and excitement where the students showcased their impressive talent. However, SurTaal Dance and Singing competition and Musical Instrument were also the prime attraction of the event along with twins-triplet. These cultural events have carved a niche at IPER UG for all the good reasons, students grasping what they are good at and helping themselves finding their passion.


A Day Full of Fun and Amusement

On the occasion, the students of IPER UG were dressed identically and gave performances together. Students manifested their exceptional talent by giving heart-throbbing singing performances, instrument play, and Dance performances. Such Cultural events plays a predominant role in a student’s life, these events have managed to etch a significant place for themselves in the academic calendar. Parampara event is not just an event of fun but it also augments student exposure and learning experience.

Strong competition was seen among the competitors in every area. Winners of the singing competition were – Kavya Sharma, Manpreet Singh, and Rohan Soni. On the other hand, Dance competition winners were Kanika Dubey, Neeraj Bairagi and Group. Likewise, Instrumental competition winner was Kritagaya Upadhyay. Hrithik Raghuwanshi won in the best twins contest and Dice throw contest. Meghna Panchal, Ayushi Chakraborty, and Shivani Arya won in the best Triplets contest.

Lastly, the prime intention of pulling up a fest is to allow students a period of recreation. Though such events rob students of their energy and replenish them with new vigor and enthusiasm. Congratulations to all the winners, IPER wish you all a streak of luck.