MBA College fest- An everlasting experience

MBA College fest- An everlasting experience

A Business School Management fest – the word that enlivens and delights the young heart of every student. The MBA college fest is an unforgettable series of events. It is an extravagant display of fun and learning based activities, ornamented with alluring decorations and an appealing star-studded affair.

A college fest is no less than a festival that fills the college campus with utmost positivity, joviality, and devotion. To highlight the best version of its students and their creativity a series of entertaining events take place.

What does MBA College Fest look like?

Every college attempts to bring perfection in its college fest by organizing numerous events that make it a great success. Mostly, An MBA college fest conducts various events related to management but competitions like quizzes, management events, HR, Marketing and finance focussed events as a magnet to attract maximum participants across different colleges of that region.

The most liked and successful College fest is the one which is a pool of diversified events comprising of maximum participation of students, a fair and qualified consortium of judges and moderators, attractive prizes and rewards in cash or kind and is credible in terms of throwing an exceptional and remarkable college fest of its time. Furthermore, an innovative and unique plethora of events, well-organized infrastructure, and College ambiance plays a vital role in making any college fest an everlasting experience.

Iper RefleXions 2018

Following its legacy of delivering the best, its the 6th season of its mega college fest- IPER RefleXions 2018 Season 6. The schedule was announced with the unveiling of the Poster for Reflexions 2018 by the Group Director Dr. Amarjeet Singh Khalsa, Members of the Strategic Group of IPER, Convenors of this year’s Fest for MBA and UG – Prof. Paramjeet Singh, Prof. Aditi Singh, Prof. Puneet Nirvikar, Prof. Rahul Kumar Choubey, Prof. Sujoy Sen, Prof. Praseeja Menon, and the entire faculty group of UG and PG Courses were present on the occasion.

The prodigious college fest of IPER Group of Institutions- RefleXions Season 6 is picked to be conducted on 22nd and 23rd December 2018 in the IPER campus. The RefleXions 2018 Season 6 is even more special, grand and exquisite because it is for the very first time that IPER UG and IPER MBA have come in collaboration to conduct the mega management college fest “RefleXions” together. This alliance will surely fetch the superlative results on a grand day.

The students of both UG and MBA have braced themselves to host and present the fest of 2018. Iper has unveiled the posters of its three splendid events. Firstly, Corporate swag, Ranbhoomi, and The treasure hunt.

Being a popular student’s Fest of Central India, IPER conducts over 50 attractive events in different genres- Marketing, Human Resource, Finance and eye-catching events like fashion show, Dancing and the newly introduced- PUBG competition. Not only it sounds astonishing but it is in literal terms- An everlasting experience!

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Shikha Sharma, a student of IPER MBA Class of 2020

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  • Yes, the experience was awesome!!!! RefleXions 2018 was a huge success. On a personal note, I will cherish this event for it taught me
    – teamwork that too in a practical manner.

    Sakshi Singh

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