Synergy – Management games held at IPER UG Bhopal

Synergy – Management games held at IPER UG Bhopal

Students of BBA, BCom Hons and BCom specialization courses participated in the Management games held in campus on 1st November, 2018. The management games event “Synergy” included 3 event games, namely, Tic-tac-toe, French Cricket, and Make-it-a-square. Students enjoying playing these unique games in the College ground.

College Management Games – Synergy Event details

French Cricket is a simplified form of cricket game, and is played socially in gatherings without the need of full

French cricket was played in Synergy management games at IPER UG Campus on 1st Nov, 2018

cricket kit and field positions. The batsman stands stationary with the bat protecting their legs, their legs being the “stumps” of formal cricket. Read more about french cricket on wikipedia by clicking here. Students of BBA first year, BCom first year, BCom Hons second year and BBA fifth semester participated in this game. The students team of Himanshu Rusiya, Shivangi Ramani, Puneet Patel, Aniket Chouhan, Yash Sahu, Shivani Arya, Meghna Panchal, Vaishali Gehlot, Kushagra Mathew, Siddharth Purohit and Ishita Sharma won the first position in this game.

Tic-tac-toe management game is a human tic tac toe game, unlike the board game, is a team building game. This game is a bigger, life-size format of the usual zeros and crosses tic tac toe. This human tic tac toe game is played on the playground and between two teams who will, turn by turn, run in into a central point created on the ground to drop their scarf to win the contest. The activity is aimed at building decision making and strategizing skills in students. It also helps build team leadership skills. The students team of NT Deepika, Sakshi, Devyani Patel, and the team of Yash Sahu, Shubham S Rathore and Siddharth Purohit were the winners of this management game.

Make-it-a-square is another team building strategic game that gets interesting as it progresses. In this game, teams of students competed to build a square with ropes by holding them in their hand together, while blindfolded. This very challenging team game begins with the rope held by the team in a circle and then putting it down, getting blindfolded and them making a square out of the rope. The student team of Devyani Patel, NT Deepika, Deepti, Shrishti and the team of Ayushi Kaurav, Vaishnavi Murti, Shreya Tiwari and Anishka Dhoke won the competition. Congratulations to all the participants and winners.

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