Why Students Should Blog ?

Why Students Should Blog ?

Digitization in India is catching up. Most of the devices in use are more internet ready than ever before. The easy accessibility of internet irrespective of devices in use has enhanced the use of the internet in every possible sector. We are more focusing on working online rather than doing offline. Resultant, every user has an online identity which is termed as “Digital Footprint”. In general, a digital footprint is an overall impact or impression that get generated with the usage of the internet. Though, the crucial part is to create a positive and good digital footprint.

Blogging is one of the best ways to develop a meaningful digital footprint – that creates an impact. Unfortunately, many avoid engaging themselves in writing and limit themselves to Facebook, Instagram only. And these cannot substitute blogging – and its a must. Let’s dwell into some more  reasons as to why students should blog,

Student Blogging- A Good Modern Habit:

Blogging is communication. It is about recording our thoughts on paper and compelling others to agree with them.

As bloggers, we offer our thoughts on a topic. And to do so, that topic should fall under our area of interest that we are passionate about and we read a lot about it.  Then, the readers get to respond. And often times, their responses in the comment section challenge us to take a new, fresh look at the very topic we thought was so important in the first place.

There might not be any readers to start with. But never mind, we still gain a lot. We must keep compiling our thoughts on all the important stuff that matters. Creating an archive that showcases a positive digital footprint to the world. We start developing an all rounded personality, our communication skills are getting sharpened. Our confidence gets improved as the day passes. And our network will also grow gradually as we read and comment on others blog too.

And maybe, in the long run, a well-managed student blog with thought-provoking topics might help you to earn from it too.

Nowadays, when you apply for a job, recruiter simply googles your name and would try to fetch out every possible detail that can be traced. So, instead of showing gossips or commenting on social media.


Freedom to Express

Blog writing offers you Freedom to Express Thoughts. Every time it is not possible to share your thoughts with friends or family in the absence of time and availability. So, writing down thoughts on paper or website is the best idea to express your thoughts anytime. Blogging gives you the freedom to express yourself without any conflicts and restriction. However, it is going to create your image, it is advisable to put positive factors with facts and figure. Avoid criticizing or commenting on any figure, personality, and legal system.

The continuous blogging will help students in developing intellectual skill. Writing down views in an organized way with the extra icing of lucrative words not only improves writing skills but also develops creative skills and logical thinkingAdditionally, exploration of own views with merging facts would improve searching skills as well as make your better hold on language too.

As you are a blogger, there will always be zeal of capturing innovative and interesting that provides motivation for Reading and Writing something new and extraordinary. Reading habit will enrich literacy, knowledge, and intelligence that will boost up the confidence.

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