Poster Unveiled : Rise – Annual Fest @ IPERUG

Poster Unveiled : Rise – Annual Fest @ IPERUG

Poster unveiling brings together student and the teacher community together on same platform. Each year, its the elite student panel, teachers and the official design consultant of the event sit and brainstorm through illustrations to selects the top posters for UG College Annual fest for finalisation. Finally, one that captures the mood of the event , and supported by majority is picked up.

Ever since its inception, the poster unveiling ceremony has worked to enliven student community and strengthen the sense of belonging. The posters are considered as carrier of our culture and creativity, and reaches to one and all through the noticeboard, display boards at different colleges and academic institutions across the city.

At the unveiling, all the stakeholders including students meet for the first time and would briefly discuss the way forward for the event – the preparation mood pick up from here. The posters remain on display for almost a month. Its a special day, even more for IPERUG students because they have just returned after their university exams and they are in for a pleasant surprise – a rejuvenating moment after all those hard exam days.

Rise 2016 – The Annual Fest of IPERUG Season 2 !

Central Auditorium  was all cheers and smiling faces when the management declared 26 & 27th February 2016 as the dates for the Annual Festival – Rise Season 2 !

The poster unveiling parties are a community event; and the yearly ritual is looked forward to. This kicks off the preparation activity of all promotional materials, social media graphics, and materials meant for distribution. Visual communication is most emphasized activity of our events. Poster sets our theme and then all our printed material such as invitation letter,Program Name Badges, sign-age – registration, welcome, seating charts, podium signs,  table numbers,   table assignments etc.  follow suit.

[This event has passed]

Take a look at the poster now and keep in touch for details of each event scheduled in the later part of February !

Poster - IPER-UG RISE artwork - 18-JAN2016