Class Commencement: BCom Semester – 4

Class Commencement: BCom Semester – 4

The classes of B.Com Semester – 4 of the Batch of 2015-18 shall commence on 4th January, 2016. The schedule, syllabus and Bus route details have been uploaded on the IPER-UG Student Portal and the students have been advised to go through the same.

The students were in for an examination break – appeared for B.Com-1 term-end examinations held by Barkatullah University, Bhopal, and BCom-4 are getting back after a vacation gap of 15-20 days.

Regardless of which semester you are in, when you make it back to campus, it can take weeks to establish your new schedule, revamp your sleep cycle, and motivate yourself to begin another study cycle. But, do not worry! you can work out ways to get back – begin studies all fresh for the new semester. For some students, adjustment is quick within a few weeks, but for some students, adjustment may stretch for long – but thats normal.

All one needs to understand is that its time to re-align and realize the understanding one has – both in subject matter and career-wise.  Also,it is the right time to develop a a study plan with focussed learning goals. A study plan helps one to get more organized, with days blocked off for studies and other meaningful activities – however there cannot be one study plan for everyone. It has to personalised such that it squeezes in the input of one’s current schedule,time management, upcoming tests and other career-coaching commitments that one might have.

Last and most important is to have a study plan that is SMART ie Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time Bound.  Incase one is not able to visualize a paper-pen study plan, they can opt for other ways to keep their studies on track. Study planner apps are available for smart phones and tablets or one can also google for good study planner websites – one can always give a try to see if it works.