BU Exam Dates Altered : BCom Sem I, III & V

BU Exam Dates Altered : BCom Sem I, III & V

Barkatullah University (BU Bhopal) has issued the notification of altering the examination dates for the Undergraduate B.Com(Hons) – First, third and Fifth Semester Examinations to be held later in 2015-16. In its notification issued on 9th December 2015, BU Bhopal has declared that the schedule of Examination  for Regular, Private and ATKT students (Session 2015-16) is 19th Dec 2015 -B.Com Ist Sem, 22nd Dec. 2015 -B.Com III Sem and 1st Jan 2015-V sem. The Notice also declares that students must contact their respective college Admin Office for Examination Dates.

Finally, with exam dates declared preparation is going to pace up for those who have already started but for many preparations are to start. Exam anxiety would definitely step-in and some people are more susceptible to it than others. And if you are susceptible, all you need to do is to manage your anxiety to a level. Remember, stress is a natural, healthy bodily response. When stressed, a hormone is released within the body which causes various physiological changes;  thus prepares the body for a fight but not good when it comes to students and their exams.

So what can you do?

Firstly, you need to exams needs to be worked out to give the best under given circumstances – at that moment of the hour. Its should not be mothballed into a demon.

Practice, fine tune your mind to help you keep your calm because excessive anxiety can make it almost impossible for the student to focus on their exam and it is often the case that they struggle to recall things that they have studied. You can take a drink of water, breathe deeply and slowly to allow your body to rehydrate – thus negate the effect stress has got on your memory.

Some are prone to chronic stress  and it is difficult to overcome as it tends to build up over a period of time. This is where at the beginning of the educational year you should work out a study plan that focuses the exam.

Typical leaving things for the last minute is biggest; we all know from experience.