Corporate Day : Focus on IT and Telecom Sector

Corporate Day : Focus on IT and Telecom Sector

IT+IT=IT, Indian Talent + Information Technology = India Tomorrow.

The equation truly stands out strongly in one sentence to bring together all what India’s potential is admired from now. Digital India, Make in India, e-literate and e-governance like terms are now finding space commonly in front page of newspapers. The time has changed now as strong positive waves have started to blow and manifestation of an IT-driven India is on the cards. Every deal every investment is collectively demanding and prioritizing for one common technology, i.e. IT.

On the other hand Telecom sector is also shining bright with its expectation to generate 40 lakh new jobs in the next five years, spurred by growing potential in rural markets and rising Internet penetration, say experts. With the new government and its confidence to bring in fresh jobs and opportunities has indicated surge in demand of skilled technicians, engineers, installation and maintenance service providers, sales, marketing, HR, in the telecom sector.

RecruiteX, the Jobs Index by reports stated recently that the Indian job market is touching new highs with the IT/Telecom industry writing its strongest growth story with a 20 per cent increase in jobs in just one month. From January 2014 to September 2014 period, there has been a 21 per cent increase in demand for IT/Telecom professionals, shows RecruiteX. This is clearly an exciting time for IT job-seekers in India Inc. Also FDI in Telecom sector jumps manifold to $2.33bn in April-July2014.

Gartner reports forecast include spending of $7.2 billion in 2015, a 5 per cent increase from 2014 by the government on internal IT (including personnel), hardware, software, external IT services and telecommunications. “India has a new government in power with the underlying promise of ‘Less Government & More Governance’. The delivery of a citizen-centric and transparent government is only possible through the extensive use of technology and by leveraging digital government,” said Anurag Gupta, Research Director at Gartner.

Among the top metros, Delhi NCR is leading the recruitment charts with a 21 per cent increase in job postings followed by Bangalore. In tier I locations, Hyderabad reported a double-digit growth in demand. A strong demand pattern is also observed for HR/Training and Administrative profiles. Customer-centric profiles such as customer/service and marketing & advertising are also in demand.

The telecom sector has been growing aggressive at an average for 35 per cent a year for close to two decades. Though the boom period of this sector is over, it continues to be a large job creator,” Randstad India CEO K Uppaluri said. He also stated that with the increased adoption of technology “where professionals will have to re-skill to take up roles and move up the value chain“.

Mr. Kamlesh Chauhan discussed about various marketing concepts in telecom which included product promotion, challenges they faced with respect to their competitors. His main focus was on the need and necessity of the customers .He explained about the branding of the product and various levels of the customers from top to low. He told us about the special services which is provided to the customers according to their need.

CorporateDay-AMr. Neeraj Jain, Circle Marketing Head of Videocon , with his inspiring talks opened up the discussion with an Audio Visual representing Telecom sector and inspiring quote by Sri Sri ji which said “Even if you lose everything, if you have confidence then you can recreate everything again and that is success”. He comprehended on strategy is different for different operators fighting in the sector.  Roti, kapda, makaan, mobile which once were considered the priorities but in coming time “internet” would be one to get added in customers preferences. Aspects of cost included networking, advertising, IT expenses, sales expenses, etc. The major portion is spent on the networking cost and the second major portion is spent on the cost structure. “Marketing is innovation” to succeed in any competitive environment.

Mr. Saurabh Mishra’s address was full of IT terminologies and examples which made took the students to trip of IT world. He brought into the notice that societal issues like agriculture, traffic, rural education and disaster management are not taken up by Indian organisation which describes the future underlying job opportunities in these areas.

Mr. Priyank Soni emphasized to take a lead and become innovators of technology. He focused on building entrepreneurship skills and asked the students to ponder over this side of business development. Management student’s needs to enable IT in many aspects may it be an HR module or any project or any e-governance project, they just need to create vision at each step.

After fetching information from many newspaper articles and research papers, I can put these two sectors in one frame as “Manana is of the Two T’s”. First would definitely be Technology and second is the Telecom. These would soon be sharing the same platform and would be looked upon as the big job providers apart from being the service providers. Dynamism is speaking out the versatility of the organisations. Today young minds need innovation at every step. The blessings from these sectors are in the forms of everyday new gadgets and talktime plans which have reserved places on their hands. They know, they know all as to how to operate because the young generation today preaches the products bestowed by these two sectors solely.