Foundation Day Celebrations @ IPER

Foundation Day Celebrations @ IPER

Excerpts from the speech delivered by Mr. Narendra Rawtani, Treasurer Chaitanya Shiksha Samiti at the 19th Foundation Day of IPER on Wednesday, October 01, 2014, at the Auditorium, IPER Campus, Bhopal.


Today, is the 19th Foundation Day of IPER and that is why we all have gathered here. Nineteen years for a institution is not a very long time because in India itself , you see there are institutions that are 100 years old and across the world there are institutions that are 300+ years old. By that standards, 19 years is probably  the beginning of IPER, in a way.

I have, always been curious about these legendary institutions those who are surviving even after 300 years /100 years. I have been curious as to what they have done, what they have been doing right over the years , what is it in them that makes these legendary institutions so great. Is it the people behind these institutions, or is it the purpose of intent for which these institutions were set-up, or is it the financial assistance, or so much support they have received over the years?

What is it ? And probably the answer to these is – a mix of everything but underlying thing that I feel what has made these institutions last for so long is, the culture that they have managed to create over the years. Why is it that, you know once you enter a temple you leave your shoes outside ? Why is that in certain areas when you enter, it transcends you and makes your behaviour altered, like in a library – that is what culture is all about. And these institutions, they have mastered , they have perfected their cultures over these years. That is what has made these institutions so great.

A culture is probably, you can say like an auto-pilot, in a plane. It guides you, takes you to an altitude on a definite course of path. That is what culture does to you and these institutions they have managed to alter, they have managed to create a path for their students. They have given them the altitude to survive, and exist and be great over the years. That is what culture is all about.

At IPER also, we have created a very good learning environment, a very progressive environment, an environment where we take management very seriously as we know what management can do for can do for India and for the world as such. I urge all my faculty members that we have done quite well so far, but we should maintain this culture. Not only just maintain, we should augment this culture.

Culture is invisible, but something so great that we cannot imagine the powers it can wield. The ability to transform a person – and that is what culture can do to you. A person with ordinary skills can transform himself/herself in a culture, which is impossible even for them to comprehend.

So I urge and request all my faculty members to please keep the culture of IPER in mind, that is what we are all about. And we have to enhance this culture over the years. Culture does not depend only on the faculty members, that’s also true. Everybody is involved in a culture, whether its a faculty , whether its a non teaching staff, whether its a director, or even the board of directors, everybody is responsible for this culture.

I wish that anybody who comes in contact with IPER, within its campus has a life changing experience for himself or herself. That is what we should focus on, that’s what we should aim to create.

Today is the best day to spell out the vision for IPER. We are standing on the 19th Foundation Day, and in another six years we would be celebrating our 25th Foundation Day. So in this six years, on the behalf of Chaitanya Shiksha Samiti there is a vision of IPER which I wish to share with all of you.

We want IPER to be an autonomous institution, and not just an autonomous institution but also a big research centre as well, because without research there cannot be a good course of action. Secondly we are at present, at a student strength of about 900 students, and we wish to increase this strength manifold, we wish to take the strength of IPER from 900 to 4000 students by the 25th foundation year. Last but not the least, we want IPER to be the most sought -after institution in UG and PG by the 25th foundation year.

By 25th Foundation year, most of you have passed out , but I wish that all of you come back and definitely you will get an invite for the 25th foundation day of IPER. That would be the day when I feel, you would feel the pride to say “hey I was a part of this institution , of this great institution”.

This is my wish for all of you here and once again I would like to congratulate all of you, each and everyone of you on this day.

Thank you.


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Audio of the speech delivered by Mr. Narendra Rawtani, Treasurer Chaitanya Shiksha Samiti at the 19th Foundation Day of IPER on Wednesday, October 01, 2014, at the Auditorium, IPER Campus, Bhopal.