Mahesh Soni

Mahesh Soni

Chairman-Communications, IPER


Ph.D. in Analysing marketing practices of green energy product management and Guru of Institutional Branding and Corporate Communication, with 23 plus years of Training & Development experience. An expert in Consulting & Corporate Training who keeps innovating pedagogical practices like Movie Analysis, Simulations etc.

Academic Experience: 23 years

Expertise: Sales & Marketing, Strategic & Innovation Management

Summary of Work Profile

  • PhD in Product Management / Marketing, from Barkatullah University (2015).
  • Rich experience in corporate training in behavioural aspects, service excellence, sales & marketing,strategic management and innovation management.
  • Executing projects for many public and private sector organizations as consultant.
  • Expertise in teaching and research in fields of Marketing, Sales, CRM, Product Management.
  • Book Authoring Titled “I Love You” A Saga of Internal Branding, inspired by Internal Branding practices of the creators of worlds most lovable brands
  • Conducted Classroom sessions for more than 2000 Management postgraduate students for MBA and PGDM.
  • The Reel Life Analysis -Analysis of classic Hollywood and Bollywood Movies on various personality based issues like
    • 12 Angry Man : Group Dynamics
    • Cast a Way : Creative Problem Solving
    • A few Good Men : Leadership, team Building and Integrity
    • Flight of The Phoenix : Situation handling, Team Building
    • Gandhi : Leadership
    • Apollo 13 : Efficiency and Productivity
    • Lagaan : Team Building
    • Lakshya : Motivational transformation
  • Skilled at research in diverse and interdisciplinary professions in conjunction with Industry, academia and professionals.
  • Developed training curricula in sync with the goals and objectives of the client organizations.