UG Induction Programme – Debut2K23 on 1st August, 2023

UG Induction Programme – Debut2K23 on 1st August, 2023

🎉 IPER UG’s “Debut 2K23” Induction Day – A Resounding Success! 🎓🌟
A heartfelt “Welcome” to all our new undergraduate students of IPER UG Class of 2023! Kudos for making “The Debut” 2K23 Induction Day a grand success! 🎉🎊
The day started with Lamp Lightning and IPER’s Journey showcase. Mr. Narendra Rawtani, Treasurer of Chaitanya Shiksha Samiti, delivered the Inaugural Address and extended his best wishes to the students.
Joining him on the dais, Dr. Amarjeet Singh Khalsa, Group Director of IPER Group of Institutions, welcomed the students and wished them a phenomenal 3-year journey at IPER UG.
The Gold Medalist students from the Batch 2019-22, Samriddhi Rajoriya and Nivedita Kulshrestha shared their experiences and memories at IPER UG with the new inductees.
The event featured insightful talks by Mr. Anurag Sonwalker, State Program Officer at UNFPA and Chief Guest of the Day and the captivating presence of RJ Arsh (Mr. Arshad Khan) from 93.5 RED FM who was the Guest of Honour, leaving a lasting impact on everyone.
The Inaugural session concluded by Vote of Thanks by Dr. Upasana Sharma, Principal of IPER UG.
The second half of the Induction Day was filled with exciting games organized by senior students, making the young inductees happy and energetic.
A special shout-out to the organizing committee and volunteers whose dedication and hard work made “The Debut” 2K23 Induction a true success! 🏆👏
Thank you all for making this event unforgettable! 🎉🚀 Let’s continue our journey together, embracing every opportunity that comes our way! 🌠💪
Do More… Be More… @ IPER UG

🌟 IPER UG’s The Debut 2K23 Induction Day 2 – An Enriching Experience! 🎓🌈

The excitement continued on Day 2 of the Induction program at IPER UG as the Orientation session commenced with a thought-provoking Theme Address by Dr. Mahesh Soni, IPER UG’s esteemed Mentor. His insights set the tone for a fulfilling academic journey ahead. 🗣️📚
Following Dr. Soni’s address, we had the privilege of hearing from Dr. Upasana Sharma, the Principal of IPER UG. Her words of encouragement and guidance further motivated the new undergraduate students to make the most of their time at the institution. 🙌🎓
During the session, Prof. Anil Purushothaman introduced the students to the ERP system of IPER UG. 💻📝
Post-break in the second half, the students were introduced to the vibrant communities that thrive within IPER UG, making it a happening place for all undergraduates. These communities offer a platform for students to engage in diverse activities, pursue their passions, and build lasting friendships. 🌐🤝
The day reached its crescendo with magnificent cultural performances by the talented students of IPER UG from both the 2nd and Final year. The showcase of creativity, talent, and unity left everyone in awe. 🎭🎶
To the new students, embrace the opportunities that await you and make the most of your journey here at IPER UG. Let’s create lasting memories and build a community that fosters growth and learning together! 🚀🌈
Do More… Be More… @ IPER UG

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