Beyond Your Imagination

Beyond Your Imagination

As a part of Managerial Economics Subject, the activity Beyond The Imagination is conducted with the objective to make student understand the value chain for any given product and how each agents add economic value to the product from its inception to final consumption.


The models showcase through physical plant layout, charts and presentations in 2- dimensional and 3-dimensional manner.  All the sections participate in this activity and each section is divided into 5 groups consisting of 8-10 members. Different products are given to each team; models are prepared and demonstrated by groups focusing on the economic activities, the behavior of economic activities, cost and valuation of the project, and transfer of values undertaken in an organization while manufacturing a product. Products assigned are majorly from FMCG sector i.e. Fast moving consumer goods, telecommunication sector and gems & jewellery industry. Particularly products are – milk, detergents, soap, jewellery, mobile phones, dishwashing bars, soft drinks etc.


Teams give a presentation of around 40-45 economic entities which comprises of – acquisition of raw materials from different sources, processing of raw materials into the manufacturing concern, assistance from banks, labour oriented work, selling to both online and offline mode, payment acceptance, government interventions (GST, Corporate Social Responsibility), packaging, logistics department, branding, promotions both price and non-price promotions and distribution channels. Chain of process and stages are also covered by teams till the final product has been reached to the customer. Apart from it, the qualitative aspects such as coordination, team building, and team spirit, correlations of organizational and personal goals are also developed through this initiative.


  • The value creation activity organized by IPER definitely helps the students to boost their current understanding of innovation and acquire knowledge through well-established activity parameters in terms of product, process, organization, marketing structure, and logistics through in-depth study and research. IPER always provides such unique platforms for its students to Learn in Action.

    Dr. Ramandeep Kaur, Assistant Professor, BSSS Bhopal Reply
  • Beyond Your Imagination has truly been a wholesome experience it lets you think beyond just the processed product. The entire value chain needs to be studied in order make the right project which requires a lot of study and research. Surely great way of learning in action

    Mustufa Husain, Executive at CII, BATCH 21-23 MBA Reply

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