The Fest 2021 – Season 8

The Fest 2021 – Season 8

IPER’s Annual Fest “RefleXions” Season 8, a two-day extravaganza for UG and MBA students of IPER concluded today with mind blowing, Non-Stop extravaganza of 7 + Hrs. that too in Online mode.

Packed with exhilarating performances from the students, amazing enthusiasm shown by the Coordinating students and with some profound messages from the Faculty Members.

The Event began with the welcome address by Dr. Vaibhav Lowlekar – Chairman, MBA Programme, IPER who gave his best wishes to all the students for a successful event. Then Dr. Hersh Sharma – Chairman, Career Centre, IPER gave his best wishes to whole IPER MBA student team by declaring the fest open on day two for celebrations.

Before the events began, the students received a special surprise message from Dr. Amarjeet Singh Khalsa – Group Director, IPER Group of Institutions who gave his blessing and best wishes to all the students.

It was a day full of excitement and learning celebrated at IPER, with students from MBA taking part in multiple exciting events trying to prove their proficiencies and capturing the first place in those events.

Congratulations to the winners of various events i.e., Shreya Rami & Aditi Gupta on winning Scavenger Hunt – The Online Treasure Hunt, Kaushik Dubey on winning Kalamkaar – Poetry Recitation Competition, Poornima Singh Tomar on winning Solo Singing Competition (female) and Abhishek Kumar Pathak on winning Solo Singing Competition (male), Vanendra Prakash Sharma and Deepesh Vishwakarma on winning The Close Up- Photography Competition and Hanisha Tahilyani on winning Rhythm on Fire – Solo Dance Competition.

The fest concluded with Results being announced by Dr. Vaibhav Lowlekar and later the Vote of Thanks was given by Dr. Harish S. Kulkarni, Coordinator, IPER MBA.

Big Congratulations to all the participants and specially the event Student Coordinators on making the events super successful. This is what truly signifies IPER’s motto of “Learning in Action”

IPER-MBA wish them a successful future ahead.