E-Learning during COVID-19 Pandemic

E-Learning during COVID-19 Pandemic

Learning is an ongoing process. We must never stop learning new things. Once we stop learning, we stop our comprehensive progress. Thus, learning is important for everyone. Learning new things depending on our hobbies to keep us busy, educated and motivated. Learning can never harm us. There is always gain and no pain.

An Indian Philosopher “Jiddu Krishnamurti” says, “There is no end to education. It is not that you read a book, pass an examination. The whole of life, from the moment you are born to the moment you die, is a process of learning.”

Today I’m going to put views on the Online Learning courses during Lockdown that what will be they stand up to. Furthermore College already have told to prefer Coursera for better learning. Now the question arises, how the online learning courses will help me during this critical and fearful situation (all credit goes to COVID-19, the pandemic)
1. Online Course will teach something extra
2. E-Learning diverges my mind from the negativism of pandemic
3. Online Courses keep me tenanted

The student learning environment has changed completely, from face-to-face interlinkage in lecture halls, whiteboard lesson explanations, and verbal communication, to online presentations and learning delivered in online live classes with lots of email communication and many more. It may be a unfortunate change for many, and students may be finding it challenging to cope, stay focused, and succeed.

There are many distractions when it comes to working and learning from home. It’s easier to watch Netflix, scroll through social media, or get caught up in the unending line up of news stories that speak of uncertainty and anxiety. You may also rather spend your time gaming, face-timing with friends and hanging out virtually. So, turn off the TV, silence the game console, and put away the phone (after you finish reading this post.)

3 important learning Approaches.(Which one do you usually use?)
They are defined as follows:

A Deep Approach to learning means understanding the concepts for yourself and applying this new knowledge to areas where you can explain the concept. Going beyond the concept or the unit requirements in your thinking requires a deep approach.
A Surface Approach means you are reproducing the information learned and can then regurgitate the information via examples and explanations. Your learning is limited to completing the unit requirements.
A Strategic Approach means you aim to complete the coursework and pass the exam. You memorize the facts and do the practices work. Great for success in school, but not for long term learning.

Further, here are some tips for students who are currently stuck in the realm of full online learning. I speak from my own experience as a former online learner:

Tip 1: Discipline
You must remain focused and disciplined in your approach to your learning.

Tip 2 – The Learning Appointment
A soft skill that is as valuable in life as in business is Time Management Skills.

Tip 3 – The Learning Environment
Set up a space in home that is dedicated to your learning. A quiet, calm area with your computer and books where you can attend live lessons and do your work without distractions is best.

Tip 4 – Don’t Miss Online Classes
If your teacher has set up a live online class schedule, attend every class.

Tip 5 – Ask for Help
It may be more difficult to raise your hand to ask a question, however most online platforms will have a chat box where you can ask your teacher questions.

Too much Information!
In the last few weeks where we completed some modules of mandatory learning’s on Google hangout.
Once we get settled with these new modes of delivery, I’m hoping that it will be a bigger push towards new culture.

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