Parampara 3 – The Tradition

Parampara 3 – The Tradition

The transmission of customs or beliefs from generation to generation is known as Tradition. IPER UG took that tradition to the next level and organized Parampara 3- The Walk of Tradition. The students showed exciting participation in the Event. Parampara 3- The Walk of Tradition promoted “unity in diversity. Where social differences in physical attributes, skin color, castes, creed, cultural and religious practices, etc are looked at as unification.

Society and the Nation as a Whole

State-wise Traditional Attire was the theme of Parampara 3 at IPER UG, following a Ramp Walk was held at the IPER Auditorium where students were dressed up in different Traditional Attires and showed their love for cultural dresses of India. The event focused on raising the awareness that different cultures are not looked upon as a conflict. Rather, these differences are looked upon as varieties that enrich society and the Nation as a whole. Undergrads celebrated the day with great enthusiasm and were totally in their high conventional focused spirit. Their internal creativity and possibilities were passed through this traditional activity.

Markedly, the first position in the Ramp Walk was bagged by Nikita Sabre (BCOM Hons 2nd Yr). Likewise, the second position was a tie between Manpreet Singh Randhawa (BCOM Hons 3rd Yr) & Ayushi Chakraborty (BBA 2ndYr), and Neeraj Bairagi BCOM – N T Deepika (BCOM H 3rd Yr) achieved the third position in the Ramp Walk. Special title position of the Most Elegant walk was given to Jaanvi Assudani – (BBA 1st Yr) & Janvi Murjani (BCOM Hons 1st Yr). Many congratulations to all the winners!

Taking all things together, it was an incredible achievement and it unquestionably strengthened the bonds among the students and made respect for ethnic diversity in India.