Abhiyaan Tark : The Debate

Abhiyaan Tark : The Debate

Students of IPER MBA Batch 2019-21 participated in the Abhiyaan Tark (Debate) Event at IPER Campus. Six panels of MBA 1st Semester presented arguments in a structured manner with important facts and figures to back up their viewpoints. Discussions amongst a group of more than 2 persons on any issue is known as debate. Generally, any subject always has two sides one in favor and other in opposition. Abhiyaan Tark is a superb activity for engaging students and helps them to understand essential critical-thinking and presentation skills.

Topics Of Abhiyaan Tark – The Debate

  • Organic Farming is the Future of Agriculture
  • Females are Better Managers than Males
  • 8% GDP growth in Next Two Years is s Pipe Dream
  • Is workplace Discipline in India a Myth?
  • Social Media – A Blessing or Disguise
  • Indian Banking System is Safe and Secure


Abhiyan Tark - The Debate

Students of IPER MBA 1st Semester showcased great presentation and communication skills. Moreover, the debate was full of solid facts, evidence, and figures on respective topics. The debate was well structured, the discussion was coherent and clear. Likewise, the evaluation criteria were on the basis of communication, confidence, and language command. Besides, such activities give students the opportunity to learn and explore their views and thoughts. Abhiyaan Tark is one such activity that evolves students and helps them develop critical thinking skills. IPER congratulates all the participants for being at the league of Learning in Action!