Abhiyaan (Vimarsh): The Panel Discussion

Abhiyaan (Vimarsh): The Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion of MBA Class of 2019-21 held at IPER Auditorium on 19th and 20th August 2019. Panel Discussion is a gathering of people to advice or decide on the matter. In other words, it is an exchange of ideas and giving the participants a chance to discuss a particular topic. The panel discussion consists of the members and a moderator. During the panel discussion on various topics the students were focused on the ongoing crises and issues of the society. They showcased factual discussion and shared different perspectives.


The Student Panel Discussion

The Panel Discussion of MBA 2019 began with the initial topic “Ban on Plastic: Will it solve the Problem?” followed by the other topics:

  • Auto Sector Crisis in India.
  • Indian healthcare system is in ICU.
  • Is $5 Trillion Economy Achievable?
  • Motor Vehicle Amendment act 2019.
  • Status of Disaster Management with respect to recent flood situation in India.

Student Panel were IPER MBA first semester students who were ready with facts and figures of their respective topics. The session was full of informative gears and factual measures students shared their knowledge and concerns over the issues. Likewise, along with the discussion of the problems, various corrective measures were also suggested by the student panel. The evaluation was on the basis of the content, public speaking, confidence and body language.


Learning in Action

Undeniably, it was an excellent display of competent discussion in a thought provoking and informative way. At the conclusion, the Abhiyaan: Vimarsh Panel Discussion concluded with an aim to provide better resolutions to the recent problems. Participants received the event participation certificates for their valuable contribution. IPER congratulate all the participants for this new learning experience.