Head Start – 23rd MBA Induction Day

Head Start – 23rd MBA Induction Day

The batch of IPER MBA Class of 2019-21 celebrated their “Head Start” Induction Day today, as they stepped into the 23rd Batch of MBA for the first time. The occasion was full of excitement and determination in the hearts of the freshers. The students witnessed the program in the college’s auditorium where they got a glimpse of what lies ahead for them in their life at IPER and their career graph thereafter. The program was inaugurated in the presence of Mr. Ranjan Mathur (Associate Director PriceWaterHouse Coopers), Mr. R K Sadhwani (Secretary, Chaitanya Shiksha Samiti, Parent Body of IPER), Mr. Narendra Rawtani (Treasurer, Chaitanya Shiksha Samiti).

The Head Start

Mr. Narendra Rawtani while addressing to students refined the vision of IPER of providing quality management education. He illustrated how IPER has evolved over the past two decades in terms of Infrastructure, Faculties, and Placements. He emphasized on the overall development of the students and be hard on challenges. Mr. Rawtani said problems are inevitable and one must not get overwhelmed by them but rather focus on the solution. Further, Mr. Ranjan Mathur took the mic and rendered the importance of maintaining excitement and sustain it in the future. He focused on both the academic and personal well being in the coming two years, as it will be the most memorable period of student’s life. While addressing he asked to allow the urge to keep on learning with the progress and have that energy to cope with failures. Furthermore, students manifested video of the journey of IPER since 1996.

The Conclusion

The MBA Induction Program was well planned and organized by the senior batch students and faculties. Vote of thanks was given at the conclusion of the program thanking the honorable Chief Guest and Board of Directors for their presence. Gratitude to the group director Dr. A S Khalsa for his continuous support and encouragement. Appreciation to Dr. Mahesh Soni, Dr. Vaibhav Lowalekar and Dr. Hersh Sharma for their valuable contribution.

Finally, IPER welcome the 23rd Batch of MBA to IPER Campus! IPER wishes all the students the very best for the challenges and learning opportunities coming up.