Reflexions – Season 6: The College Fest

Reflexions – Season 6: The College Fest

Learning in Action refers to a teaching methodology wherein the scope of learning has no limitations to textbooks but it goes far beyond that. It deals with applying the knowledge that you’ve gained from classroom teaching to the real life world for real-time decision making and problem-solving. Through Refexions learning in action comes into play. Students are more likely to become a better manager in the future at any role you play in any given organization.

MBA- Master of Business Administration sounds so fancy, right? Going to college in corporate attire, making presentations and presenting them and studying the course material intently; but is that really it?

There’s so much more that you can learn during the two years of your MBA life. Especially in IPER, every other week we have a literary or a cultural event (solely organized by students, with the guidance of our experienced faculty members) in addition to the presentations, case studies, assignments and what not while maintaining 80% attendance. Sounds hectic right? If one participates in all of these activities then there are so many things that one can learn- from the soft skills required in the professional world to the life lessons that enrich our experience and learnings.

At IPER, an inter-college fest is organized every year: REFLEXIONS.  This year too, there were lots of fun, interactive, informative and literary activities organized. Under the guidance and supervision of the extremely talented faculty mentors the students organize all the events. Moreover, they partake in various activities to make Reflexions successful; year by year, like:

Events (HR, Marketing, Finance)
Handling print and media
Handling logistics
Awards and certificates
Digital Branding
Discipline and hospitality
Stage management

Student Development

Students conducted various meetings to ensure a hassle-free, smooth and systematic execution of Reflexions. But that is not they only thing that they have to focus on. At the time of planning of Reflexions activities, the classes continue as they would normally do. This teaches the students the art of time-management and multi-tasking.

At IPER, the underlying ideology of undertaking any activity is to contribute to the holistic development of the students- the future managers. These activities do exactly that. It creates a sense of responsibility and accountability in them. Besides, the students got to learn group dynamics, how to work in a team, how to handle the role of a leader, effective communication skills, conflict management, working in collaboration, being committed to an objective, improved creativity and interpersonal relationships among many others.

To conclude, pursuing MBA in IPER is so much more than just bookish knowledge. It can shape our lives for the better. There are so many things to learn but the best way for it is : LEARNING BY DOING.