Awareness : Certified Management Accountant

Awareness : Certified Management Accountant

IPER UG is providing skill enhancement to the students of Commerce and Management, under alternate career programme like competitive exam preparation and foreign language courses etc. IPER UG is also providing several certificate courses for increasing employability of the Under Graduate students.

In the same context, IPER UG in association with Miles Education organised a Awareness program for special course “Certified Management Accountant”, recognized by the IMA, USA.

The Regional Manager, Maharashtra of Miles Education Mr. Harish Pavani along with Mr. Nitesh gave details about the course to the students of IPER UG.

Mr. Harish explained what the course is all about and how much it  costs to study this skill enhancement module along with duration and mode of Examination. He said that the course is beneficial to marketing students and HR students too as the course offers a comprehensive study of every aspect of Costs and Accounting Management. It’s so much flexible, Mr. Nitesh told that it can be completed while undergoing the regular UG courses and that it is a prestigious course with validity in 130 countries. The course is beneficial in terms of its content and applicability in corporate sector. The Exams are conducted for two subjects and once completed is helpful for job placements at MNCs in India and USA as well as other Global Financial markets.

Mr. Nitesh gave details about various Job-roles performed by CMA’s and its importance and significance in the Industry. He said the CMA’s assist Top Management of the company by highlighting the vital financial information and therefore they become part of the Top Financial Domain for these companies.

The objectives of starting this program for an IPER UG student’s is not only to have them excel in academics but also do well in performance under on-the-job situations.

Mr. Rahul Kumar Choubey, Faculty IPER extended the vote of thanks to the Guests for their participation in this program.