5th National Conference Saturday 31st July, 2021 “COVID – 19 : The Showcase of Potential in Indian Economy” Topic

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COVID – 19 : The Showcase of Potential in Indian Economy

India’s GDP data for last quarter of 2020-21 will be out soon. The growth is expected to witness the worst fall in 20 years. Coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdowns are believed to have played a primary role in pulling down the growth numbers. So far, the UK has reported the biggest slump in GDP among the world’s top 20 economies with a 21.7% plunge in the June quarter, its deepest contraction on record. India has reported over three and a half million cases of the novel coronavirus – third behind only the United States and Brazil. Continuing restrictions on transport, educational institutions and restaurants and weekly lockdowns in some states have hit manufacturing, services and retail sales, while keeping millions of workers out of jobs. Some private economists said the fiscal year that began in April could see a contraction of nearly 10%, the worst performance since India won independence from British colonial rule in 1947. Forecasts for the expected contraction in the GDP range from 15 per cent to 25.9 per cent, with a median estimate of 19.2 per cent, according to news agency Bloomberg.

However, with all this data Indian economy has given surprise recovery of GDP number with inflation, V-shaped recovery, GST collection, Government initiatives, confidence enhancement of consumer, Post Covid control, increased agricultural production, consumer’s spending in health care and immunity etc. Thus, this pandemic situation has given birth and support to many new things, new opportunities like start-up’s, new ways of thinking such as Edutech, Fintech, Meditech, OTT platforms etc. This conference will focus on these new opportunities and how these efforts will be strengthening the Indian Economy.

General Management:

1. Aatm Nirbhar Bharat : Making India globally competitive
2. Covid-19 : A boon for e-commerce industry
3. Work from home culture : A way of bringing service economic viability
4. Potential of tertiary sector in Indian Economy
5. Startups and Digital India
6. Health & Wellness economy
7. Building sustainable green economy
8. Make in India – India’s turning point
9. Public Private Partnership
10. Paradigm shift from full time employment to GIG employment
11. The power of unorganized sector
12. Contribution of cooperative societies
13. Reframing & Reforming of markets
14. Human Capital and Economy
15. MSME & cottage industry – New Initiatives

Finance :

1. Fin-tech in the new normal
2. Global financial crisis impact on emerging markets
3. Financial management of enterprises in emerging markets
4. Quantitative modeling in financial market
5. Empirical evidence in IPO’s & FPO’s
6. Modern crypto currency development
7. Behavioral finance


1. Marketing Challenges in the New Normal
2. Marketing Communications in times of crisis
3. Marketing Communication and Social Health Behaviour
4. Branding Practices and Brand Architecture in the New Normal
5. Public Relation Strategies in the New Normal
6. Globalization strategies post pandemic
7. Changing dynamics of new Supply Chain models
8. Pricing strategies in the new normal
9. Isolated but Connected customers: the new CRM perspective
10. Consumer behavior post pandemic
11. Demands of the new e-Marketplaces
12. Creativity & Innovation in the digital economy
13. Marketing of nutraceuticals

Human Resource:

1. Impact of Covid-19 pandemic on HR Policies
2. Changes in work practices for Gig workers during and after Covid-19 Pandemic
3. Innovative HR practices during Covid 19
4. Managing Worker mental well-being during and after Covid 19
5. People/HR Analytics: Role in future Organizations
6. People/HR Analytics: Role in future Organizations
7. Cross Cultural Communication
8. Green HRM
9. Challenges in Managing Millennial in a dynamic situation


Publication Details

All selected abstracts and few selected papers will be published in a UGC approved journal or book format carrying ISBN No. by Excel Publication

Submission Deadlines: –

Submission of Abstract 19th April 2021
Full Paper Submission 10th June 2021
Registration Deadline 28th June 2021


Paper Submission & Presentation Fees: –

Research Scholars / Students INR 250
Faculty Members INR 500
Corporate Practitioners INR 750


Participating / Attending Fees: –

Research Scholars / Students Nil
Faculty Members INR 250
Corporate Practitioners INR 500


Guidelines & Specifications

Guidelines For Abstracts

  • An abstract must focus on a topic related to the theme.
  • All Submitted abstracts must have a title page, discipline, sub-theme of paper, the name(s) of the author(s), affiliation(s), complete address, of all the authors including phone, fax, e-mail address and biographical note(s)
    (max 100 words) of the authors(s).
  • The abstract & full length paper should be sent through e-mail at the following E-mail ID: conference2021@iper.ac.in

Guidelines For Full Paper

  • All Full Paper submissions must have a title page, discipline, sub-theme of the paper, the name(s) of the author(s), affiliation(s), complete address, of all the authors including phone, fax, e-mail address and biographical note(s) (max 100 words) of the author(s).
  • The title of the paper must be written in bold capital letters using 14pt Times New Roman font. All sub-headings should also be written in bold capital letters. All authors will individually register & will receive an acknowledgement of the Full Paper, Registration Form and Registration Fees by E-mail, after receiving the same.

Specifications For Papers

Length                  : 3000-6000 words
Language             : English
Spacing                : Single
Font                      : Times New Roman
Font Size of text : 12
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General Guidelines

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    person, except when due reference is made in the text of the paper.


For Registration Contact:

Dr. Harish Sudhir Kulkarni (Conference Convener)
EmailID: kulkarni.harish@iper.ac.in
Mobile Number: +91-9300816797 


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