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National Conferences, Seminars, Workshops and Faculty Development Programmes are a regular feature at IPER Bhopal Campus. The prominent and prestigious National Conferences held in the Campus are summarized here for a quick glance. For latest update on upcoming National Conference, visit the Upcoming National Conference 2021.


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First National Conference Title : Usable, Deliverable, Updatable Research (UDUR) Model

Conference Held on : 19th June, 2017


Conference Summary: National Conference on “Usable, Deliverable, Updatable Research (UDUR) Model” was held at IPER Campus on 19th June, 2017 in the presence of Honorable Chief Guests Dr. G.S Chauhan from University Grants Commission (UGC), Prof. Samish Dalal, SP Jain School of Global Management and Dr. PK Mishra as our Honorable Guests. Members of the Board of Directors of IPER Shri RK Sadhwani and Shri Narendra Rawtani were also present on the occassion along with Group Director Dr. AS Khalsa. More than 100 Academicians, that included lecturers, Professors and Research Scholars participated and presented their Research papers on the occasion.

Second National Conference Title : Teaching Management in Dynamic Business Situation – Post Economic Reforms (Phase – II)

Conference Held on : 28th June, 2018


Conference Summary: The second National Conference on “Teaching Management in Dynamic Business Situation – Post Economic Reforms (Phase-II)” was held on 28th of June 2018 at IPER Campus, in the gracious presence of honorable Chief Guests – Vice Chancellor of Barkatullah University Dr. DC Gupta, and Dr. GS Chauhan, Deputy Secretary UGC CRO, who inaugurated the Seminar along with Board of Directors – IPER and Group Director of IPER Group of Institutions. In the day long programme, noted dignitaries from Academics across the State were present on the ocassion to present their research papers and shared their views on adapting the management teaching in the changing Business Situation.

Third National Conference Title : De globalization – A Camouflage or The New Reality

Conference Held on : 1st June, 2019


Conference Summary: The Third National Conference titled “De globalization : A Camouflage or The New Reality” was held on 1st June, 2019 at IPER Bhopal Campus. IPER & CII in collaboration with ZENITH International Journal of Multi Disciplinary Research organised this National Conference. Deglobalization is highlights the trend of several countries wanting to go back to economic and trade policies that put their national interests first. Research Papers were presented on the Economic and Trade Policies status and future.

Fourth National Conference Title : Consumption or Credit – The Impediment in Indian Growth Story

Conference Held on : 1st June, 2020


Conference Summary: IPER Bhopal’s 4th National eConference (fully online on Google Platform) on “Consumption or Credit – The Impediment in Indian Growth Story” was held on 1st June, 2020. Admist the Covid-19 Pandemic situation, the entire Conference was held in Online Mode, in the presence of honorable dignitaries Dr. Nageshwar Rao, Honorable Vice Chancellor of IGNOU New Delhi, Dr. K Rangarajan, Professor, Head of Center for MSME Studies, Head of Kolkata Campus, Mr. Ranjan Mimani Director, Mimani Wires Pvt Ltd Indore and Past Chairman CII Madhya Pradesh, Dr. Vivek Sharma, Dean, Faculty of Management, Barkatullah University, Bhopal, and Mr. Anniruddh Chauhan, State Head, CII Madhya Pradesh and respected Heads and Professors from various reputed Institutions across India.