e-KhelKood – Online Sports by Black Panther Sports Community

e-KhelKood – Online Sports by Black Panther Sports Community

At IPER-UG, we have always lived by the motto “Do More… Be MORE…” and in the past one year the young IPERians have turned the challenges into opportunities…

With the gold euphoria that has gripped the nation, IPER-UG students has celebrated Indian Sports through online community event “e-khel kood” scheduled on 13th august 2021 where we have conducted interesting physical activities along with showcasing a presentation honouring the players of Tokyo Olympics 2020. This exclusive intra-college activity was hosted by “BLACK PANTTHERS” the student sports community of IPERUG.

The “e-khel kood” program had a very zestful go ahead with our anchors Nitya Singh, Vipul Jain, Anamika Sahu, Kanishka Rai. We began with galvanizing quotes of our Indian players. We became acquainted with our Tokyo Olympics winners as well as participants, with the assistance of our anchors showcasing the scuffle and scrupulous entity of an individual through their disquisition with the striking presentation. Henceforward we started with our animated competitions.

The qualifier round was a mobile app-based game, the sprint champion. In which 6 teams participated from whereupon 2 teams were selected for the final round. Subsequently we started with our audience round, online football juggling in which our audience participated very enthusiastically. One of our anchor procure attention with her amusing poetries. Next our semi final round instituted, it was also a mobile based game, the javelin throw. 2 Teams were acquired in final round. Last but not the least we evoked with our final round, the yoga poses competition. This was the leading part of our program, wherein our finalist perpetrated parvatasana (TREE POSE) with great concentration & consistency. HARSH SHARMA was declared as the overall winner. Afterwards vote of thanks was given by one of our anchors.


Name of the Student Class & Year
Sagar Yadav BBA II Year
Vaishnavi Raghuwanshi BCOM (H) II Year
Harsh Sharma BBA II Year
Aditya Goyal BBA II Year
Rudransh Singh BBA II Year
Yash balwani BBA II Year
Abu Talha BCOM (H) II Year