Logo Designing @ BSSS College: First Prize for IPERUG

Logo Designing @ BSSS College: First Prize for IPERUG

When it comes to designing, there are plenty to bear in mind. Logo Designing isn’t different either. The target audience needs to be able to relate to the logo immediately. Colours, forms and typography has to be on trend with the audience you’re addressing. It has to appeal else you are doomed. Further, these days a designer has to come up with quick logo in line to the events that are being lined up.It has to be a great looking logo that can put be on anything easily and quickly. It has to be practical and easy to implement in both print, web and the environment that is hosting the event.

A logo is inarguably, one of the most important aspects of any business, and most designers spend a fair share of time creating effective, cool logo designs for businesses. Probably therefore many college events hold logo-design contests. And who else other than a college student come up with a fresh look to establish a new and effective brand.

Its a good idea to involve students creatively in college /university events and recently BSSS College,  Bhopal at its two day technical & cultural event ‘BSSS Fiesta‘. The undergraduate students of IPER participated in the competition of “Logo Design” held at ‘BSSS Fiesta‘ .  Seven teams participated in “Logo Design” and first prize went to our IPERUG team (Jasmeet Kaur Gandhi, Nabeel Tahir Siqui and Akansha Sahu – B.com Hons IV Sem).

The event – “Logo Design” tested participants for selecting color, create innovative and meaningful tagline as per the product.

IPER UG students got a Reebok’s Delta Logo to re-design it by altering colors and attach a specific tagline that denotes its purpose and utility. Our IPERUG team  re-designed the Reebok’s Delta Logo by changing its base color and insert three inspirational words – Belief, Strength & Passion. The new tagline of this re-designed logo was – “FEEL THE CHANGE”.

The three words held the importance as:

  • Belief – If you truly believe yourself,
  • Strength – if you have will power to do something &
  • Passion – add your passion

And all these three things combined  empowers an individual to achieve whatever they want and feel a positive change in their life  and thus – “FEEL THE CHANGE