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The IPER Undergraduate Degree Programme delivers skilled, well-educated, competent and employable workforce availability. Certainly for the corporate and the society right after the school education. The Institute is established by the Chaitanya Shiksha Samiti, the Parent Body of IPER. Admission 2019 for various Degree Programmes available at IPERUG Bhopal are:

Our Objective

The range of learning outcomes achieved by students from our meticulously designed academic programmes will equip them to experience and demonstrate an increasingly higher level of understanding. Furthermore, The analysis and evidence of the synthesis of theory & practice. Students are expected to be able to —

  • Provide adequate basic understanding about Management and Commerce education among the students.
  • Prepare the students to harness opportunities being newly created in the management profession.
  • Train the students in communication skills effectively through Group Discussions and Presentations.
  • Develop appropriate skills in the students so as to make them competent and provide them self-dependent.
  • Inculcate Entrepreneurial skills through paractical approach in class and field.

The IPER Advantage

Incepted in 1996, IPER is one of the most acclaimed Management education Institutes of Central India. Its deed to be in sync with the time and meet the needs of the modern business scenario sets it apart. Committed to impart quality education, IPER along with a tested and proven record of MBA since 1996. Admission for it’s Under Graduate Programmes initiated in 2013.

The IPER undergraduate programme will help you acquire a knowledge and understanding of specialist field. All based on your / your ward’s selected major(s), to enhance the advanced analytical skills. Besides, the skills that employers value as a graduate, skills that will ensure your success in all walks of life. Building of an excellent foundation for your career opportunities through admission

Finally, as you visit the IPERUG Bhopal Campus, the first thing you would notice is that the Campus is a lush-green beautifully designed architecture. Including all modern facilities for academics, sports and cultural well-being of its students and teachers.

  • Free Bus Facility for all the students.
  • Hi-tech classrooms with most-modern audio-visual facilities like LCD Projectors and speakers
  • Daily Attendance and weekly feedback to Parents/ Guardians through Student Web Portal as well as SMS
  • Full-time dedicated teacher-mentor system where student performance and other issues are taken care of by a Mentor faculty allotted to the student.
  • IPER UG Bhopal is an identified Center for National Service Scheme (NSS) and all students are encouraged to join and serve the Nation by participating in this National Community.
  • Full-fledged indoor Board games and outdoor sports facility and regular competitions for the students for all-round development.
  • Fully equipped library with reprographic facilities for all students.
  • Student Community formation for addressing and growing the individual interest areas of each student. Dedicated students’ community for Literary, Sports, Cultural and social-service interest areas.
  • Free Access to International Database Packages, exclusive for IPER UG Students and e-Learning Web Portal.

Facilities at a Glance