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“Consumption or Credit: The Impediment in Indian Growth Story”

The consumption and credit pattern of a country’s economy reflects on the fabric of economic growth, it’s determining factors and the challenges of internal and external economic environment. A delicate balance is imperative between the public expenditure, public revenue, investment, pubic asset management, financial services and economic affairs of a country. The theme of the conference aims at analysing the impact of the major initiatives in terms of GST reforms, real banking reforms, individual taxes, lending rates, innovation driven startups, disinvestment in public enterprises and insurance sector reforms on the country’s economy. The objective of this interdisciplinary conference is to bring together academician, industry experts, research scholars and students from various fields to share the recent trends, concerns, practical challenges and future prospects on the themes of the conference.The theme can be explored in the following domains:

General Management:

  1. Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  2. Public Private Partnership (PPP) Model
  3. Business sustainability/Global Supply Chain Management
  4. NGOs/Social Welfare/Rural development
  5. MSME/Cottage Industry
  6. Digital India/Skill India
  7. Employment and Consumption disparity
  8. Business Ethics
  9. Ecotourism

Finance :

  1. Credit crunch in financial sector
  2. Consumption expenditure pattern
  3. Economic slowdown
  4. Investment behavior
  5. Credit risk management
  6. Foreign direct investment
  7. Tax structure reforms
  8. Consumer credit insurance
  9. Digital infrastructure development
  10. Consumption pattern and hospitality industry
  11. Start-up scenarios
  12. Sustainable consumption and production


  1. Emerging trends in Marketing
  2. Logistics & Supply Chain Management
  3. E-Marketing
  4. Social Media Marketing
  5. Consumer Behaviour
  6. Customer Relationship Management
  7. Pricing Issues in Marketing
  8. Ethical issues in Marketing
  9. Retailing Issues
  10. Innovations in Marketing
  11. Marketing Analytics
  12. Tools and Applications in Mobile Marketing

Human Resource:

  1. Workforce Challenges in Growing India
  2. HR Talent Acquisition Challenges
  3. Technological Workforce Challenge and Opportunity
  4. Tackling problems of Underemployment and Unemployment
  5. Re-skilling Indian Employee

Important Dates of the Conference:


Paper Submission & Presentation Fees:

Research Scholars / Students INR 500
Faculty Members INR 1000
Corporate Practitioners INR 1000

Participation / Attending Fees:

Research Scholars / Students INR 200
Faculty Members INR 500
Corporate Practitioners INR 1000
Spot Registration INR 500


Please feel free to talk to Dr. Harish Kulkarni; Conference Convener at his email – or on his Mobile Number – +91-9300816797 
You may also contact at or call at the IPER Campus Reception Desk at 0755-6603001 or 0755-6603002 during office hours (10 AM to 5 PM on weekdays).

We look forward for knowledge sharing from your end. The organizing committee will also get in touch with you to solicit your response.